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by Frame of Mind September 16, 2016

Click here for footage of our last FOM Methods session

Our last FOM Methods session took place this past July, and it was absolutely incredible. Coaches and past 1:1 coaching clients joined together with Kim Ades, President and Founder of Frame of Mind Coaching™, to learn, share, coach, connect, go deep, have fun, eat great food, and of course, to take the next step to becoming certified in the FOM Coaching™ methodology.

Here’s what some participants had to say about their experience:
“Through Certification, I’m learning what really happened during my coaching experience, how to apply that to my life continuously, and how to share that process with others.”
-Taylor Jobe

“As I went through the Certification process with FOM Coaching, I learned how to be a coach, how to take someone through the program and how to close the gap between where they want to be and how to get there.”
-Becca Buttermore, FOM coach

“We learned how to give others the tools that we were given from FOM Coaching so that they can use and benefit from them. Kim put together a great group of people.”
-Dana Treffler

“Why do I keep coming back for more? Because I love and trust the process and I love being refreshed and connected to the FOM Coaching family. I walked away from FOM Methods learning something new about myself and look forward to doing the same thing again in November.”
-Chari Schwartz, FOM coach

“It’s so simple. What we’re doing here is just connecting, sharing, talking and creating paths. I’m learning to separate my story from those of other people, and to not let mine influence, but rather enlighten theirs so that they can find their own path.”
-Wanda Slater

“During the FOM Coaching certification process, I actually learned more about myself, about others and about their stories.”
-Beata Seweryn-Reid

Our next session will take place from Nov. 17-20 in Toronto, Canada!
Please note that to participate in FOM Methods, you must have participated in our 1:1 coaching program.
Click to learn more about FOM Certification, or reach out to us.

Sign up for FOM Methods to learn how to:

  • Lead in a way that helps others step into their own leadership
  • Extract the highest level of productivity & contribution from your team
  • Get the best out of everyone & leverage their brilliance
  • Get everyone on your team rowing in the same direction
  • Think strategically & slay the competition
  • Increase revenues
  • Leverage opportunities that before were invisible
  • Parent powerfully & form a strong bond with your children
  • View your home as a safe haven
  • Feel supported & loved in your marriage
  • Continue on your journey of personal growth
  • Create and/or grow your coaching business
  • Leverage your natural instincts & personality to be an effective mentor, leader & coach

Your life transforms dramatically when you get coached. When you learn to coach others, you step it up a hundred notches and make a commitment to enrich your life and the lives of others. This process cements what you learned in 1:1 coaching so that it sticks.

Through FOM Methods, you will learn crucial coaching skills that you can apply everywhere in your life. You will master the art of coaching by learning from Kim Ades, our coaches, and your fellow Certification participants. You will coach others in person, work on case studies, and work on yourself!

You will have the opportunity to interact with like-minded individuals and to experience massive personal growth. You will continue on your personal development journey. You will work on your “stuff” in a safe and warm environment. And you will also get coached!

Reach out to us to sign up for our next FOM Methods program from Nov. 17-20.

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