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Screaming Child in Store

by Kim Ades September 3, 2013

I saw this post on Facebook the other day, and cannot resist sharing it with you because it humorously represents one of the most basic principles of Frame of Mind Coaching. That principle is this:

There are many things that we cannot control. 

That’s it! We cannot control the weather, the economy, politics, our employees, our life partners, or even our children for that matter.

There are two things we can control: the way we feel and the way we think. 
Our job is to take responsibility for those two things.

Here’s the Facebook post:

One day I saw a grandpa at the supermarket with his three-year-old grandson. It was obviously not easy for the grandfather. His grandchild cried incessantly every time they passed candies, snacks or toys.

The grandfather kept cool and with a calm voice he repeatedly said, “Michael, relax, this is not going to take a long time.”

While the child’s screaming did not stop, the grandfather still looked calm and with a controlled voice said, “Michael, hold on, everything will be fine. We will finish shopping and get out of here.”

Minutes passed and still the child continued wailing with increasing fervor. Yet the grandfather spoke with calming reassurance:”Michael, there’s no reason to get angry. Try to enjoy the trip, and in a minute we will be in the car and on the way home.”

While loading the groceries, I could not resist and went over to the grandfather. “Hi, I have to tell you, you’re just an amazing grandfather. The way you talked to the child and how calming you were…despite the nerve-wrecking tirades. Michael is a very lucky boy to have a grandfather like you. ”

“Thank you,” said the grandfather, “But Michael is me. The annoying little fussy brat’s name is Brian!”

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