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How Do You Want To Be Remembered?

by Kim Ades May 19, 2015

A few weeks ago, my 84-year-old aunt went to sleep, and didn’t wake up. It was a total shock to us. She was relatively healthy, and had just spoken to her sister on the phone before going to bed that evening.

The funeral took place shortly thereafter, and her close family members read their eulogies. Of course it was sad, but at the same time, they told stories of my aunt’s life in such a way that caused everyone to crack up. They were literally howling with laughter at her funeral.

The story that stuck with me the most was the one related to us by her oldest son. She had spent the winter in Florida and just before her passing, her son arranged to fly her home so that she could be with her children and grandchildren for Passover.

As he picked her up from her condo, she told him that she would not be eating on the plane.

On the drive to the airport, she repeated her statement, “I am not eating on the plane.”

While they waited inside the airport, once again, she let him know that she had absolutely no intention of eating on the plane.

Shortly after they boarded, a flight attendant approached her.  My aunt asked to see a menu.

She picked a curry chicken dish, and after the meal she told her son that it was the most tender piece of chicken that she’d ever eaten.

She then began to look for the flight attendant.

“What do you want, Mom? I’ll get it for you,” her son said.

“It’s none of your business. I’m allowed to talk to the lady if I want!” she said.

When she finally got the flight attendant’s attention, she exclaimed, “my compliments to the chef!”

On an airplane…

Everyone in attendance at her funeral burst out laughing as her son finished relating the story. Other eulogizers imitated her accent, and praised her sense of humour, her commitment to her family and her ability to keep track of every detail of everyone’s life.  She was known for remembering everything about everybody.

As those closest to her recounted their fondest memories, her stories had people laughing. Her grandchildren called her Nona, and after doing or saying something funny, she always used to say “Nona makes you laugh!”

In her death, she made us laugh too.

How do you want to be remembered, and are you creating that in your life? What do you want to leave behind? My aunt left behind a room full of laughing loved ones and happy memories.

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