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Gaining Perspective as a Leader

by Kim Ades April 26, 2018

As leaders, we often don’t see beyond what is right in front of us. It’s important to have some perspective – here’s how.

I often host presentations for organizations about the correlation between leadership and coaching. Last week, I had 6 such presentations scheduled. However, even though it’s springtime, we had an ice storm that was so bad, my first presentation of the week got cancelled.

I had another presentation scheduled for the next day, and my husband, Allan, checked the forecast regularly. The freezing rain was supposed to cease, but looking out our window, that seemed unlikely. Allan reminded me to check my emails on the assumption that this presentation, too, would soon be cancelled due to the weather.

No such email came, but our driveway was a sheet of ice and our street was covered in ice and snow. The roads were so bumpy and slippery that people could hardly get out of their driveways.

I decided to chance it anyway. My wheels were spinning, but I finally got traction, backed out and bumped along.

I drove slowly and carefully. That is, until I hit the main road.

The main road was completely clear! In fact, it was in perfect condition. No one else was on the road, likely because they thought the roads would be as bad as their own driveway.

This got me thinking about how we often don’t have enough perspective to see beyond what’s right outside our front door. We tell ourselves, “If it’s like that here, it’ll be like that everywhere.”

Some people remain in a job, in a city, in a house or in a relationship that is far less than ideal because they tell themselves that it will be just as bad, or worse, elsewhere.

They may keep an employee that isn’t a good fit for their organization because they assume that it will be too complicated to replace them.

They may stick with outdated processes in their business that are no longer relevant as they see no possible alternative or consider alternatives to be too heavy a burden to implement.

When we’re in a trying situation, we can’t imagine an easier path. What we don’t realize is that if we’re able to look beyond our current circumstances, we might discover a clear road.

Things aren’t as treacherous as they appear. Not only that, but things can be infinitely better! We just need to look beyond the immediate picture.

Ask yourself: what situation do you currently feel stuck in? Are you truly stuck, or are there more exciting options out there? Is it as hard to go after something better as you’re making it out to be?

There’s always room for improvement. If you need more guidance on gaining perspective, take our Frame of Mind Coaching™ Assessment.

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