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Your Invitation to Stratospheric Personal Growth!

by Frame of Mind March 8, 2017

FOM Methods is an in-person, interactive, hands-on, personal and transformative four day workshop hosted by President and Founder of Frame of Mind Coaching™, Kim Ades. Past FOM Coaching™ clients join FOM-certified coaches in Toronto to:

-Learn how to coach others using the FOM Coaching™ methodology
-Have the opportunity to practice their coaching skills in a hands-on environment
-Get coached personally by Kim

But much more than that happens during these four days.

Participants go deep, personally and with each other, in order to really step into their roles as leaders and coaches.

They address some of the limiting beliefs that have been holding them back in a big way and learn how to apply the FOM Coaching tools to their everyday lives.

They learn powerful leadership skills through the process of coaching their peers, their team members and the people who matter in their lives.

They learn how to parent more effectively and become better partners in their personal and professional lives.

They experience a deep feeling of peace with their past and develop a clear vision for their future.

They continue on their journey of personal growth and build lasting friendships unlike any other in which being transparent and real is the norm.

They learn key coaching strategies that are critical to helping themselves and their clients transform in the deepest and most sustainable ways.

FOM Methods

Reach out to us if you have participated in our 1:1 Coaching program and are interested in joining our next FOM Methods session from May 10-13.

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