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Put an end to “I’m not good enough”

by Frame of Mind February 24, 2014

How often do the following phrases run through your head…

1) I’m not smart enough

2) I’m not skilled enough

3) I’m not good enough

If you say these things to yourself frequency, you are undeniably interfering with your own success.

Coach Kim Ades worked with a senior executive who constantly told herself, “I am under-qualified and I don’t deserve to be here.” Every time a new opportunity presented itself, the executive would fall back into the same thinking pattern. Without realizing it, she was getting in her own way and anticipating failure. She was bringing herself down and she didn’t even know it.

How you see yourself affects every single thing that you do. It affects your beliefs about yourself. It affects your expectations about yourself. And ultimately, it affects your outcomes.

Let’s take a moment to examine your thinking. Answer the following questions:

1) When I work on projects and begin new endeavours, what do I expect from myself?

2) When do I bring myself down? In what contexts does this occur?

3) Do I allow my weaknesses to define me?

When you examine your thinking process, you can begin to recognize the thoughts and beliefs that slow you down. Then, you can begin challenging the thoughts that threaten to pull you down.

If you say to yourself “I’m not smart enough,” try counteracting this thought with a better thought like, “I have experience in this area so I know what I am doing” or “I can always learn more.”

If you say to yourself “I’m not skilled enough,” try telling yourself instead, “In the past, I have picked up new skills quickly” or “I just have to set my mind to this and I’ll be okay.”

And finally, if you say to yourself “I’m not good enough,” trade up your thought with something like, “I am just as good as everyone else” or  “I’ll improve.”

A personal coach can help you recognize your detrimental thinking and upgrade the way you see yourself.




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