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No Pain, No Gain? Not True!

by Frame of Mind October 24, 2014

I know a secret that has the capacity to change your entire outlook on work. This secret can alter what is possible, and it can bring you closer to achievement without added effort.

Here’s the message that will change it all:

“Something is hard work if you make it so.”

You have probably fallen into the “no pain, no gain” trap before. You expect something to be difficult, you struggle to get it done and you only feel that sense of accomplishment once you have worked through the struggle.

Perhaps you attempted a physical challenge and convinced yourself that your outcome would not be possible without a measure of pain.

Maybe you delivered a presentation or wrote a document that you anticipated would be time-consuming and difficult.

Perhaps you planned an event that you determined would lead to headaches and struggle.

Maybe you tried to meet someone, for networking or dating purposes, and told yourself it would be impossible to find the right person.

We often expect our path to achievement to be paved with pain, discomfort and hard labour. We convince ourselves that we must work for what we achieve, otherwise we are not deserving of these accomplishments.

When we have our sights set on something bigger than we’re comfortable with, we tell ourselves it is simply not possible, and we create resistance that forms an obstacle in front of us.

We moan, we groan and we push through, with ever-present doubts in our mind, finally accomplishing what we set out to do and being glad it’s finally done.

Reframing what we see as being possible makes all the difference in the accomplishment of the task. If we go into a challenge with the attitude that there’s no reason why we can’t do it, it will come to us more naturally and with greater ease. The steps we need to take become clearer and we spend more time being productive instead of worrying about the outcome or the method for getting there.

When we go forward with an attitude of success, we start to envision that success, instead of seeing only the possibility of failure.

Here is an exercise that will challenge what you see as possible:

1. Think of your greatest desires…the things you want for yourself so badly that you cannot get them out of your mind. Do you want publish a book? Lose 30 pounds? Build a million dollar company? Buy a cottage? Meet the love of your life? Move to another country? Run a race? Speak at a huge event? Write down all of your desires.

2. Write down what would be fun, inspiring and rewarding about working towards those desires.

3. Write down an overview of the steps you will take to meet your goals.

4. Write down why these steps will be easy for you to take, and how you can make them even easier.

When we believe that experiencing tremendous amounts of success doesn’t have to be hard, we are more likely to achieve what we want.

The next time you find yourself saying, “No pain, no gain,” try replacing it with, “I got this. It’ll be easy!” You may be surprised by the results.

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