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Client Spotlight: Nick LaFasto

by Frame of Mind May 9, 2014

Name: Nick LaFasto

Career: Acupuncturist at Blue Creek Health

Coaching: 1-on-1 coaching with coach Amy McGrath

Why did you decide to pursue coaching with Frame of Mind Coaching?
My acupuncture business was not going as I would have liked. I kept trying to fix things externally by spending my time, energy and money on new marketing programs and networking groups. After a while, I realized that the changes I needed to make were within me, specifically within my mindset and my beliefs. I noticed that I continued to get stuck in a negative emotional state, and that I was afraid to be true to myself.  I sought out coaching because I felt like I wanted to change.

What was your coaching experience like?
My coaching experience was amazing! Amy was incredibly kind, compassionate, and she walked by my side during the whole process. Unexpectedly, I ended up going through the most difficult time of my personal life shortly after I began my coaching, and I thought I was going to have to quit the program. However, my coach helped me see that it all ties together – my personal life, my business and career, my beliefs, and ultimately my own happiness. I came to realize that I have the same underlying beliefs in all areas of my life. My coach became my greatest advocate, a source of strength, and she helped me stay grounded through what was probably the most difficult time of my life.

Was there anything that surprised you about yourself going through coaching?
I had always thought that I was “stuck,” and that I had to live life with the hand that I was dealt, but that has turned out to be completely false. Throughout coaching, I was constantly surprised by my own potential and my ability to improve my circumstances. I was also surprised by how much my own thinking contributed to my unhappiness and stress.

What did you take away from coaching?
I learned so much from my coaching experience. The main thing was learning how to examine my thinking in an objective and helpful way, and to recognize the thoughts and beliefs that prevented me from succeeding. Becoming aware of my thoughts released me from getting stuck in my own emotions and negative thought patterns. I also learned how to “trade-up” my thinking – a strategy whereby you replace your thoughts with ones that serves you better. I cannot describe how valuable this tool has been for me. I use this every day; in my job, while playing sports, during exercise, while socializing with new people, and most importantly during times of stress.

How did journaling affect your coaching experience?
Journaling has become one of the greatest tools I use to help me with personal growth. It allows me to examine my words and evaluate myself in a safe but effective way. It has become a great emotional outlet during times of stress, and has allowed me to work through problems in my life while mentally cataloging events and thoughts.

What would you tell others about coaching with FOM?
You can push and try as hard as possible to change the outside world, but when you focus internally on your thinking and beliefs, that is when change truly occurs in your life and happiness starts to flourish. The happiness you continue to experience as a result of working with a Frame of Mind Coach far outweighs the cost of the program.

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