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How to Make Money With a Label Maker

by Kim Ades March 17, 2017

Did you know that you can increase customer satisfaction and make more money with just a label maker?! Here’s how.

Gerry Green is a people person. He’s my friend’s uncle. He loves talking to people – on cruises, in restaurants, in airports, at the gym, waiting in line, anywhere. He’s the kind of guy who has no trouble striking up a conversation with just about anyone. In fact, he’s the kind of guy who will receive a call from a person who dialed the wrong number and keep them on the phone long enough to discover that they are a long lost cousin from across the globe.

Gerry is a storyteller, and can captivate your imagination with pretty much any subject. The day I met him, the subject was label makers.

“Do you know how to make money with a label maker?” he asked me.

I shook my head no. “I have no idea,” I replied.

“Let me tell you a story,” he said. “I was in the restaurant business and my shop was located near a high school. I had many regular clients, but one young guy used to come into my restaurant every day. He was a loyal client.

Well one day, when he came in, I took him aside and showed him to his seat. He looked at me with a puzzled expression, and I said, ‘This is your seat, it has your name on it.’ I had taken a label maker, printed out his name and stuck it on the seat.

Oh man, you should have seen the look on that boy’s face! He was beaming, and I had a client for life.

Of course, when he went back to school, he told all his friends about his seat and brought them into the restaurant to show them. They were impressed and said, ‘I want a seat too.’ I told them that all they had to do to get a personalized seat was come into the restaurant every day for four weeks and buy something – anything – a drink, a sandwich, even a bag of chips. They all started coming in regularly.

It cost me nothing to make that young man feel important. I loved those kids and really, it was so easy to make them feel special.”

Wow. Making someone feel special as a business strategy. I would call that a win-win. Simple idea, massive impact.

We often believe that making an impact requires huge effort and a ton of money. It doesn’t have to be that way. It can be much easier than that.

What it takes is a little ingenuity.

What it takes is some thought about what might make someone feel special.

What it takes is the intention to do so.

And what it takes could be as simple as using a label maker.

What are you doing to personalize your interactions with clients, friends, family, children and the people in your life? What are you doing to make them feel special?

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