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Listen to the replay: Journaling for your business

by Frame of Mind February 14, 2014

Last night on the Cash Flow Show – Direct Sales Radio, Kim Ades appeared as a guest to talk about the fun topic of journaling for business growth!

Kim shared her insights on coaching a team by journaling for business, and she shared her unique process of coaching clients with the added benefit of daily journaling with a coach. This process helps clarify clients’ goals and move them farther faster in their coaching transformation.

Listen to Segment 1 on Journaling for Business Growth:


Deb Bixler





Listen to Segment 2 on Shifting the Mind through Journaling:


Alternatively, you can go to go to (or on the ‘wsRadio’ app on the phone) to listen to the show at the listed times over the next two weeks. 

Journaling for Business: A Summary from the Show

Using a “recipe for journaling,” first you dump, dump, dump by writing about all of the negativity in your life or business that you want to change.

Then you write in your journal: “It is time to turn myself around!”

The process of “dumping” in the journal, followed by hopeful writing, allows you to shift from the negative to the positive.

Changing through journaling is a process. The journal itself allows you to have a mind shift so that you are open to more change.

You cannot become a new person without first dumping the old stuff (spam) out of your head.

Journaling for business is a great way for team leaders to coach their team.

Coaching With A Journal: A Summary from the Show

Start journaling for yourself and then you can get your team started on journaling as a form of coaching and collaboration.

Listen to the full Cash Flow show which broadcasts daily on the home business radio page through 2/25/14 to learn how to use business journaling to coach your team.

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