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Let’s Discuss Happy

by Kim Ades January 8, 2016

Does being happy feel like it’s out of your control? It isn’t! Here’s the one factor that contributes to happiness.

Happy New Year

For the past week, the words “Happy New Year” have been plastered everywhere − on Facebook, in newsletters, on TV and in conversations with loved ones. As a follow up, we may say something like, “here’s to a healthy, peaceful, and prosperous New Year.”

And then the conversation stops. It’s as though “Happy New Year” is a thing that we wish for, but that is out of our hands. It’s something we hope will come to us because, with the turning of the year, new things must come.

Let’s examine this a little more closely…

Where does “happy” come from?

Happy is a result of one’s thinking. Period. That’s it.

It’s not a result of a particular series of events or circumstances. It doesn’t happen because other people behave a certain way. It doesn’t come to us when we are rich or healthy.

It doesn’t even occur when all our dreams and desires unfold exactly the way we want them to.

There are so many people who are wealthy and unhappy, healthy and unhappy, or in the most fortunate of circumstances and still, unhappy.

Happiness comes from the way we think. About everything. It comes from our interpretation of our environment, our relationships, our past experiences, our achievements and our failures. In essence, the story we tell ourselves about everything we see, touch, feel, and experience will determine our level of happiness.

The next question is this… are you happy?

Here’s a simple test to evaluate your level of happiness:

1. Do you wake up in the morning looking forward to the day, or do you dread what’s ahead?

2. Do you spend your day noticing how awesome people are, or do you find yourself shaking your head in disbelief at how disrespectful and stupid they can be?

3. Do you feel energetic and ignited, or do you feel tired and burnt out?

4. Do you feel focused and productive, or lazy and easily distracted?

5. Would you say that you are living up to your potential, or that you have not even scratched the surface of what you are capable of?

6. Are you satisfied with your relationships, or do you think sometimes that you are a little neglected and poorly treated?

7. Do you experience life with ease and flow, or is it often challenging and difficult?

Where did you land on this happiness test? Are you satisfied with your responses to each question?

If you are not happy with even one of your responses, the start of a New Year won’t change a whole lot. No amount of champagne, fireworks, or funky glasses will create the change you’re looking for. You must begin with your thinking.

It’s time to examine your thoughts and learn how to master your thinking so that your happiness quotient can increase. This is an inside job. If you truly want to have a Happy New Year, this is the way to make it happen.

How committed are you to a Happy New Year?

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