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Why Leaders Need to Get the Story

by Frame of Mind September 27, 2017

FOM Methods

What is the #1 thing coaches & leaders forget to do? Click here to hear what Kim Ades, President & Founder of FOM Coaching, has to say.

FOM Methods Q & A

Who can attend: Past 1-on-1 Coaching clients, FOM coaches and host Kim Ades.

What: FOM Methods is a coaching certification program for individuals who want to hone their coaching and leadership skills, work on their own personal growth and tackle real issues standing in the way of their ultimate success and happiness.

Where: Toronto, Ontario.

When: November 1-5, 2017.

Why: Two words − Connection and Community. Aside from all that you will learn at FOM Methods, you will also form strong bonds with people who share a similar, life-changing experience with you. Those who become certified in the FOM Methodology are also invited to join an exclusive group where they can journal, respond to journals, coach, get coached and ask for advice from fellow members 24/7, 365 days a year.

How: Reach out to us to sign up or learn more.

What you will learn at FOM Methods: You will learn how to become a powerful coach in any scenario − as a leader, as a parent or in your role as a hired coach. You will learn how to apply the FOM Coaching™ Framework to your conversations with others and even to conversations you have with only yourself. You will learn the philosophy and principles that lay the foundation for effective coaching and have the opportunity to practice them in a warm, safe and very open environment. You will learn about yourself and where your own thinking interferes with your ability to reach your goals both professionally and personally. Finally, you will learn about the growth and magic that happens when you are in a room working on this stuff with other people who want to live an extraordinary life and make a massive difference in the world.

What you will do at FOM Methods: You will learn, share, coach, get coached, connect, go deep, dance, have fun, and of course, eat awesome food!

How past FOM Methods participants feel about their experience: In the dozens of testimonials we have collected, attendees reported experiencing a tremendous amount of growth, forming new friendships, receiving an unprecedented level of support, gaining confidence in themselves, finding a sense of purpose, discovering the motivation to move forward, learning coaching skills they can implement immediately and sharpening the skills they already have.

So what are you waiting for?! Reach out to us to sign up or learn more!

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