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My Introduction to FOM Coaching

by Kate Hefford October 5, 2015

Kate HeffordKate Hefford is a recent Ryerson Journalism graduate, and is new to the Frame of Mind Coaching team. For the past few months, she has been helping Kim secure speaking engagements, including podcasts, webinars, and in-person presentations.

By Kate Hefford
I snuck into one of Kim’s interactive workshops recently. It was in an office building somewhere in Mississauga and not incredibly fun to get to without a car. But I really wanted to experience how Kim represented herself and her coaching to people who aren’t, well, me. If all went well, watching her presentation would help me pitch it. And man, did it ever!

She was presenting to a cool software company as part of their “self-esteem week”. There was a foosball table at the back of the conference room, another room called The Fish Bowl used solely for X-Box breaks, and a young staff that upon hiring received a pair of red Converse.

I wish I could give away Kim’s presentation here. I want to tell you exactly what I learned, the stories she told, and how she got the audience out of their chairs and immersed in the workshop.

What I can tell you is how engaged the Converse-clad, myself, and Allan were for the entire presentation. I’m talking eyes wide-open, hanging-off-of-her-every-word engaged. She sparked thought, laughter, conversation and questions. Everyone participated. Everyone discovered something new about themselves.

Through the use of plastic cups, water, and volunteers, Kim demonstrated how there are ways in which we’re all steering ourselves away from success without even knowing it. We limit ourselves, all the while thinking that these limits are there for a reason. She showed us that we instinctually follow the rules, ask for permission, and succumb to self-doubt.

Some audience members who had previously received coaching from other sources discovered why it hadn’t worked for them in the long run. Everyone examined what they really, really want from life, what their life would look like if they achieved it, and what may be holding them back. Much of the room came up to Kim afterwards to have further discussion and swap contact information.

I was surprised, to say the least. In university, I never saw a classroom of students put away their cell phones and actively participate for over an hour. They never rushed up to the teacher to shake hands, say thank you, and see how they could get involved. Not like this!

If you are familiar with FOM Coaching, you have already learned from Kim that our thinking will determine what we can achieve. For the duration of my bus-ride, then subway-ride, then walk home, I thought about the areas in my life in which I limit myself. What do I really, really, want? What is holding me back? How can I challenge it?

Thankfully, I know that Kim can help me find the answers. She can do the same for you, too.

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