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Journaling as a Stress Reducer? How does it work?

by Kim Ades August 21, 2013

Journaling has a transformational effect. It can be extremely powerful, and it works quickly and effectively. 

Here’s how it works…

First, when you write about the events in your life and how you feel about them, you start to gain insight about what you are thinking. Journaling enables you to see your thoughts separately from yourself, allowing you to identify which thoughts serve you and which ones stand in your way. There is a purging aspect in the journaling process that releases tremendous amounts of tension and stress. Once that stress is released, you are far more open to allowing great things to come into your life. Your resistance dissipates.

Second, journaling provides you with the place to make conscious choices about the thoughts that you want to focus on. Fundamentally, what you focus on grows, so pointing your thoughts in the right direction is crucial for your own growth.

Third, journaling provides you with a blank canvas to draw, design, and create the detailed vision of what you want for your life. When I coach people, one of the earliest questions I ask is, “What do you really, really want?” Most people have some vague idea, but they are not very clear. Journaling helps people define and envision what they want with color, texture, and shading. The more clarity you have about what you want, the more easily it will come your way.

Anybody who journals, regardless of whether or not they have a coach, will discover the huge benefits. They will look at their work and be amazed at what they have written and discovered about themselves. The process works. It is a brilliant tool that has an immediate and direct impact on your day to day life. The impact of working with a coach as opposed to doing it alone is having the consistent and provoking feedback to your journal entries. When I ask a client a question regarding their writing, it drives learning. If I ask you a question such as, “How wealthy do you want to be?” And you say, “I want to have $200,000,” I’ll ask, “Why didn’t you say a million?” The answers to those questions will create learning for you. Period.

I coach clients using the tool of journaling and find it transformative to the coaching process. Each week for ten weeks, I have a call with my client. In between, I ask clients to journal every single day. That comes out to 70 journals in 70 days. As clients journal, I respond with questions, comments and thoughts that challenge them and make them think. It is unbelievable how much more insight I gain into a client using the journaling process. Journaling is not just amazing for stress relief; it unlocks your thoughts, beliefs, inner desires and life perspectives. It helps you define who you are and who you want to be. 

If you would like to try out journaling and coaching for yourself, take an assessment and a coach will contact you to begin your complimentary five-day journaling trial. 

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