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Journal With Your Clients! Here’s Why

by Frame of Mind November 5, 2013

This article was published in the Worldwide Coaching Magazine in October 2013. 

There are many tools with which to equip yourself to be a good coach. You may have pursued certification to learn useful coaching skills. You may have created a series of exercises to use with your clients. You may have started a website to increase your visibility online.

But there is one coaching tool that you are probably not taking advantage of yet. This is a tool that many coaches overlook when they establish their coaching practice and approach. When you initially hear of this tool, you will surely underestimate the dramatic effects it can have on your coaching.

What is this coaching tool, you ask? It’s the tool of journaling.

You may be familiar with the unbelievable effects of personal journaling: stress-reduction, eased decision-making, improved immune system functioning and increased self-awareness, among many things.

As such, you may have asked your clients to journal in between sessions. But have you ever engaged in the journaling process with your clients?

There are incredible benefits to incorporating journaling into your coaching business. A few years ago, Frame of Mind Coaching™ designed an online platform called JournalEngine™ Software specifically for the purpose of enabling coaches to journal with their clients.

So what’s the big deal? Here’s why you should ask your clients to journal with you daily:

Collect Critical Data
In order for you to best help your client, it is important for you to be aware of their past experiences, perspectives, thoughts, beliefs and expectations. Journaling can help you quickly access valuable information that tells you what makes your client tick. In a short period of time, you can uncover the patterns in your client’s thinking that are detrimental to his/her success. Journaling allows you to probe, reflect on and challenge the thinking of your clients. When you receive constant input throughout the week, you come to coaching sessions far more equipped to have powerful exchanges each and every time.

Maintain Momentum Between Calls
In between coaching sessions, a lot goes on in your client’s mind. They may lose focus, stumble and struggle to stay on target. When there is silence, the momentum of coaching can come to a grinding halt. Journaling allows you to give clients a helping hand in between calls or sessions. It keeps you up-to-date on your client’s progress, and allows you to jump right into the heavy stuff instead of spending time catching up when you reconvene. Most coaches spend about 30 minutes reviewing their notes before a coaching session. What if you allotted this time to responding to clients’ journals instead? This would add tremendous value to your coaching because you could carry out a dialogue between sessions and interact with your clients more often, without spending any extra time.

Facilitate Ongoing Personal Growth
Clients who journal are constantly self-reflecting and self-monitoring. As a result, they are more in tune with how their thinking affects their actions and direct outcomes. They are more focused on their wants and needs, and therefore more receptive to personal growth. When journaling with a coach, the coaching relationship is continuous, so clients get in the habit of adjusting their thinking on an ongoing basis. With your feedback to their journals, clients are more likely to hold themselves accountable for their actions and outcomes. Journaling gives clients a greater sense of ownership over their lives and empowers them to change their circumstances.

Build Trust Rapidly
Your relationship with your client directly impacts your success as a coach. When a trusting relationship is developed, you can move your client to a better place at a faster rate. The journaling process paves the way for transparency and openness. The daily contact nurtures a deep interpersonal connection that leads to powerful coaching.

Receive Proof of Progress
There is no better way to prove your impact as a coach than through client journaling. Clients who journal leave a trail of their personal growth and progress behind them. They can return to past entries whenever they want to read about their struggles, revelations and lessons learned. The words your clients have written in their journal entries express their progress – you will not have to remind them how far they have come.

Coaching with a journal will increase your coaching confidence, making it easy to drive more sales and continuously deliver outstanding coaching.

JournalEngine™ Software allows you to do more than just journal with your clients. You can create courses, assessments, weekly homework and goals. You can create your own coaching community.

Coaches who are thinking about incorporating journaling into their coaching business can sign up for a FREE JournalEngine™ Trial.

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