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Client Spotlight: Jim Flanagan

by Frame of Mind October 2, 2014

Name: Jim Flanagan

Career: Facilitator of Change and Opportunity at Coldwell Banker Flanagan Realty

Coaching: Group coaching with Coaches Marc and Mike, and Men’s Leadership Group Coaching with Coach Kim

Why did you decide to pursue coaching with Frame of Mind Coaching?
Frame of Mind Coaching kept popping up everywhere for me. I kept coming across Kim’s articles and I was drawn to her method of coaching. One day, at a business meeting, I met another Coldwell Banker manager who talked very positively about his Frame of Mind Coaching experience. Once a peer of mine had recommended it, my ears perked up. That was the tipping point for me.

What were you hoping to take away from coaching?
At that stage in my life, I was looking for an answer to a question I didn’t know I had. It was 2008 and the real estate market was going off a cliff and so was my marriage. I thought that if I could fix the real estate market, I could fix everything.

I went into coaching thinking I was going to learn how to fix my real estate business, and it turned out that I learned how to fix myself. The problem was, I was trying to fix the problem from the outside-in instead of the inside-out.

In what ways do you apply coaching concepts to your professional life?
I used to expect people to behave a certain way, and I would be disappointed each time they failed to meet my expectations. When I started to change my life and move towards where I wanted to be, I became more open and supportive of my agents.

As a result of me being a happier person, people in my professional life saw that I was happier, and they tended to like being around me more. Naturally, good things started coming my way.

How did daily journaling affect your coaching experience?
What I found particularly useful from the journaling standpoint were the coach’s comments. They would offer insight and allow me to see things that I never considered. The probing and challenging questions really forced me to explore things on a deeper level.

Did you struggle with anything throughout coaching?
It was hard for me to think about trading in the life I knew for something completely unknown. With regards to my marriage, I had made a commitment to get married and I believed I had to stay in it no matter how miserable I was. I didn’t know if I was willing to take the steps necessary to get what I wanted. Through coaching, I envisioned myself having a better life.

What is your life like today?
I am remarried, with a son on the way. I feel like I have found the happiness that I longed for. I’m not afraid to go home. I actually like being home. Last year, our newborn child passed away. But the death of our son didn’t set me back. I attribute where I am today to Frame of Mind Coaching.

You have worked with a number of Frame of Mind coaches. What has that been like?
The coaches were so sincere and open. The questions they asked us over the phone and in our journals showed a sincere interest in helping all of us discover what we really wanted and the steps to achievement. They challenged us to be blatantly honest with ourselves, and they challenged us when we thought we were deceiving ourselves.

What would you tell others about coaching?
I have no qualms about telling people that coaching was life changing for me. If I had never been through Frame of Mind Coaching, I never would have asked myself the questions I needed to in order to take the steps to where I am today. It’s never too late for the life that you want.

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