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Client Spotlight: Jaqueline Paquin Robert

by Frame of Mind June 16, 2017

Jaqueline Paquin RobertClient Spotlight: Jaqueline Paquin Robert

Job: Crossfit Gym Owner, Trained and
Certified in the FOM Coaching Methodology

Coaching: 1-on-1 Coaching with Chari Schwartz

How did you hear about Frame of Mind Coaching™?
My husband, Jonathan, attended a TEC conference in which Kim Ades was a featured speaker. Jonathan started coaching with her almost immediately after. I began to see the positive effects that coaching was having on him in all aspects of his life, and when he was halfway through the process, he told me I absolutely needed to do it.

I didn’t think I had a reason to enroll in coaching and I didn’t know what I would journal about, but Jonathan finally managed to persuade me to have a call with Kim. She made a great impression on me too and said just what I needed to hear.

What were you struggling with prior to coaching?
My son has epilepsy and sensory processing disorder. When my daughter was born, I found life to be quite easy; she was always ahead in her development and I had no worries. But when my son was born, my motherly intuition told me that something was not right. He wasn’t meeting his milestones on time; things like sitting up, talking and walking took longer for him to learn. As a social worker, I was desperately seeking help for him but couldn’t find it.

When he was three years old, he had his first seizure and we almost lost him. It was a 25-minute seizure and the doctor used about three different doses to stop it and they couldn’t. It was terrifying to hear the doctor say they didn’t know if he was going to be OK.

When he had outbursts and acted in ways that I didn’t want him to, I felt like I didn’t know how to parent him and I blamed myself for not knowing how. I was really hard on myself. I also felt like other parents judged us. Coaching changed all that.

How did coaching help you with that?
My coach, Chari, did an amazing job of helping me discover who I wanted to be as a mom. She took a really big load off my shoulders in helping me understand that I could choose to stop being hard on myself, and that I just needed to be a loving mother. It was a huge hurdle for me to overcome.

Chari also helped me find the right strategies to get my son the help he needed. He is now reaching all his milestones with the help of the right medication, doctors and a wonderful teacher.

How has coaching impacted your relationship with your husband?
Since we’ve both gone through coaching, we are so much better at communicating and understanding each other’s needs and wants.

Has FOM Coaching™ impacted your life?
It has totally changed my life, so much so that I’m working toward becoming a Frame of Mind coach myself. For the longest time, I saw my intuition as a curse, but coaching allowed me to see it as a gift. My intuition gives me the ability to help others. I want to help people experience the sense of relief that coaching gave to me.

Would you recommend FOM Coaching™ to others?
Absolutely, yes. The accountability model that most other coaching programs use sets boundaries for you and doesn’t look beyond the beliefs that might be holding you back. The FOM Coaching™ method gives you a really deep understanding of yourself so that you can overcome what’s holding you back.

Do you trust yourself as a parent? What is stopping you from being the kind of parent that you want to be? We can help you identify these obstacles and move them out of your way.

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