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New Certification Program Available for Leaders, Coaches, Teachers, and Trainers!

by Frame of Mind October 2, 2014

At Frame of Mind Coaching we are known for the way that we use journaling in our coaching process to help our clients experience amazing things and achieve outstanding results. Over the years, we have been asked to create a program that teaches other coaches, speakers, leaders, and teachers to use journaling in their practice as well. So here it is…

JBC – Journal Based Coaching – Certification Training.

The concept is as follows:

Coaching has the capacity to change a person’s life and when you pair coaching with journaling, dramatic transformation can take place.

The reason being:

Coaches, trainers, teachers and leaders who use journaling in their coaching process have been able to help their clients, team members and students move toward their goals with greater speed and effectiveness. The impact of journaling on the learning experience for both the client and the coach is nothing short of magical. Journaling helps keep the client/student focused and engaged in the learning process, helps build rapid intimacy and trust between the client and the coach, and it equips the coach to deliver phenomenal coaching consistently.

The Program:

  • Ten weeks of group-based training
  • Weekly calls
  • Recordings of every call
  • Hands-on journal reading and responding practice and feedback
  • Personal journaling and feedback from coach on a daily basis
  • Online interaction and curriculum-driven group dialogue
  • Case study
  • Real-time application of newly acquired skills for review and mastery

The Price:

$2400/per person

The outcome:

People who journal with a coach on an ongoing basis have a clearer vision of what they want and how to get it. They are more resilient, struggle less and experience more peace. They are able to see things with clarity and move toward their goals with ease and flow.

JBC will teach YOU the skills that will allow you to have an unbelievable impact on the people around you. If JBC is something that excites you, reach out to to explore further. We look forward to sharing this unique skill set with you!

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