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Introducing: FOM Essentials!

by Kim Ades April 22, 2016

FOM Essentials is a self-guided and interactive coaching program that offers the benefits of Frame of Mind Coaching at an affordable price.

FOM Essentials








Over the years, I have spoken to many of you about experiencing the magic and transformational impact of Frame of Mind Coaching. I have shared stories and testimonials of clients who have had incredible and dramatic events occur as a result of coaching and who have quickly become our raving fans.

Many of you have shared with me your interest, your desire and your wish to experience the Frame of Mind Coaching process and develop mastery over your mindset so that you are easily able to reach the goals you envision for yourself.

In almost all cases, the only reason that you haven’t taken the leap is due to your current financial situation, which presents a barrier to getting coached and getting the results you know will transform your world.

For you, we have created FOM Essentials for only $99 per month!

Here are the highlights:

1. When you purchase FOM Essentails, you will receive an invitation to join a private, online journaling community for FOM Essentials members only. This will allow you to journal daily and interact with others in the course. You will be able to read and respond to other people’s journals, and you will have the choice to share your own journal with others and receive their feedback.

2. You will receive a new journaling prompt every 3 days to keep you focused on journaling and self-reflection.

3. You will have the opportunity to submit your journal to a certified Frame of Mind coach up to twice per month for their expert review

4. Finally, you will receive an engaging and exclusive monthly podcast featuring real case scenarios delivered by me, Kim Ades, designed to teach essential FOM Coaching principles that you can use in any situation.

CLICK HERE to learn more about FOM Essentials.

I look forward to seeing you in the course! And who knows… I may even be the one to review your journal!

With passion and affection,

Kim Ades
President and Founder of Frame of Mind Coaching
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