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Too Busy? How to Increase Your Peacefulness

by Kim Ades November 13, 2014


Five kids.
A husband.
A business.
Aging parents.
A full load of coaching calls.
And a team of coaches to lead.

People often ask me, “How do you get so much done and still manage to keep it all together?”

The answer is simple. BUFFER.

Do you have buffer?

You might be thinking, “What the heck is buffer and why do I need it?”

Buffer is an extra bit of time between events. It may be 15 minutes between phone calls or 30 minutes between appointments. It may even be an extra hour in the morning to journal, exercise, and get your head together, before rushing off to a jam-packed day. Buffer is the time you give yourself to breathe, to compose yourself, and to poise yourself for the next action that will require your focus and undivided attention. Buffer gives you the elbow room to maneuver without panic or rush. Buffer is the space that you create for emergencies and unexpected incidents.

Buffer is what you need when you suddenly realize that you need gas in your tank in order to arrive at your destination.

Buffer is what you need when your mother calls in the middle of the day asking for help with her computer, and when your son calls, asking if he can take the car and drive all of his friends to a paintballing event in some town 3½ hours away.

Buffer is what you need when you are starving and need to stop off somewhere for a quick bite before a super important meeting.

Buffer is what keeps you calm and gives you some measure of increased personal control. Buffer reduces stress, keeps you focused and allows you to glide from one activity to the next with ease and grace.

If teenagers learned the concept of buffer, they wouldn’t wait until the last minute to do their assignments or to study for tests – and neither would we! We would schedule things while factoring in a little extra time to get things done, and we would account for the possibility of flaking out and playing Candy Crush instead of doing our work.

Buffer. It’s a device that creates peace, reduces self-doubt and gives you the time to think and make rational decisions.

It’s quite simple, and I have to say, it’s one of my personal secrets for keeping it together. Try it! Add a few extra minutes in between your commitments and see what happens. Watch how you go from frenzied to relaxed, from harrowed to peaceful, from panicked to being at ease. You’ll be amazed by the difference it makes.

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