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What am I, an Idea Factory?

by Kim Ades June 29, 2017

light bulb ideas
It was my husband’s birthday a few weeks ago. He was turning 53, and I planned a two night getaway to celebrate the occasion. I let him in on my plans because he’s more at peace when he knows what’s going on.

While he knew what to expect, I still wanted to inject a few little surprises into the mix. I found myself lacking creativity, so I asked my daughter for some input.

“Bring some snacks,” she said.

“What else?” I asked

“How about a bottle of wine?” she added.

“What else?”


“OK – what else?”

“Bubbles for the bath?”

“That’s a good idea! What else?”

“I don’t know… a piñata?”

“Interesting – any other ideas?”

“What am I, an idea factory?!”

“Yes – that’s exactly what you are! In fact, that’s what we all are – we are inventors of ideas!”

Our minds have the capacity to imagine anything – the amazing, the extraordinary, but also the bland and the boring. Our thoughts can take us completely out of the box, or they can keep us in a cookie-cutter, one-size-fits-all world.

What we don’t always realize is: the choice is ours!

We get to decide the distance that our mind takes us. We just need to give ourselves permission to explore what is already inside our brains.

So how far do you allow your mind to stretch?

Can you imagine all of the different possibilities, or do you feel that the possibilities are limited? If coming up with great ideas is a challenge for you, what’s getting in your way?

The truth of the matter is that some people come up with ideas a mile a minute and others don’t. It’s not that these idea conjurers are more creative, it’s that they allow themselves to go to a land where anything is possible.

If you’re not used to going to that place of endless possibility, or you don’t trust that you have good ideas, or you find yourself deferring to others because you think their ideas are better, you may have a thinking problem – one that’s getting in the way of reaching your goals and experiencing your deepest desires. We invite you to assess how your thinking is affecting your results. Click below to experience the FOM Coaching assessment!

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