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How to Get What You Want

by Frame of Mind February 17, 2016

President and Founder of Frame of Mind Coaching™, Kim Ades, was recently interviewed on ReLaunch with hosts Joel Boggess and Dr. Pei!

Listen Here!

You will learn about:
-How to always make great decisions
-Life-changing questions to ask yourself while journaling
-How Kim launched Frame of Mind Coaching
-And much, much more

From The Interview: 2 HUGE Questions To Ask Yourself Before Making A Decision
Joel: In your book, Kim, you talked about the antidote for resolutions. Let’s talk about some of your ideas that can carry us through. What do you think?

Kim: That’s a great question. When somebody has a resolution, and they find themselves not being able to carry it out, they can ask themselves a couple questions.

Number one is, ‘is this something that I actually, really want? Or is this just something that I think I’m supposed to want? Or is this something that somebody else thinks I should have or should go for? Is this something that’s truly mine, and do I own it? Or is this something that has been handed over to me as something that I’m supposed to want?’

Number two is, “what do I believe to be true that’s preventing me from achieving this particular goal?’ So let’s say your New Year’s resolution is to lose weight. And my belief is that being part of a family means that I enjoy big meals with them. And when I can’t enjoy meals, that takes me away from family time and away from bonding. That belief is going prevent me from really committing to a weight loss plan. So we need to identify that belief, then challenge it, in order to get the results that we want.

To hear the rest of Kim’s interview, CLICK HERE!

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