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How to Choose the Perfect Coach

by Kim Ades October 25, 2013

This article was originally published on Noomi’s Un-Self-Help blog and can be accessed here.

A good coach brings out the best in you and helps you move forward with clarity and assurance. A good coach focuses on your strengths and guides you to success. Are all coaches alike? Not a chance. Here are 10 tips for choosing the perfect coach for you:

1. Does this coach understand you? Do you like this coach? You should walk away from the initial conversation feeling comfortable and confident in this coach’s abilities. Do you feel safe in his/ her hands? If you have some hesitation about this coach’s abilities, select someone else.

2. Does this coach have a set coaching process or are they simply winging it? Does this process make sense to you?

3. Does this coach ask you to journal? If so, does this coach read and respond to your journals? Journaling can drastically increase client results by helping coaches identify your ideas and thinking patterns. Without a journal, coaches are functioning with only a limited source of information about you and are working at a major disadvantage.

4. How reachable is this coach? How frequent are your coaching sessions? Can you get in touch in-between coaching sessions?

5. Does this coach have references? What kind of feedback are you hearing from past clients?

6. Does this coach dig deep and get to the base of your insecurities and struggles?

7. Is this coach naturally talented or just following a scripted manual? Even with a process in place, this coach should be able to customize coaching to fit your needs.

8. What kind of experience does this coach have? Can this coach handle a broad range of clients and concerns? What results has this coach been able to help other clients achieve?

9. Does this coach have personal experience to draw from? Does this coach have a track record of success in their own right?

10. Is this coach motivating, trusting and engaging? Will you enjoy spending time with this coach?

Before hiring a coach, make sure to take these 10 criteria into consideration. You’ll be spending plenty of intimate time with your coach, so make certain that you are working with someone that you enjoy being around. The relationship between you and your coach can be wonderful once you make the right choice, and it can be one that lasts a lifetime.

Just as you choose your business partners with care, take your time and be selective when choosing a coach. Don’t be afraid to look around and speak with multiple coaches before making a decision.

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