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Are Your Principles Getting in Your Way?

by Kim Ades April 7, 2017


A few weeks ago, I was in Florida with a friend of mine for a few days of sun and relaxation. While we were there, an interesting driving encounter occurred.

I was looking for parking at a strip mall and found a beautiful spot close to the entrance that was about to become available. As I waited for the car in the spot to back out, another car appeared from around the corner and prepared to zip right into the spot.

As this was unfolding in front of us, I turned to my friend and said, “I guess I’ll just go look for another spot.”

Within seconds, the other driver noticed I had been waiting for the spot and drove off with a wave as if to say “Sorry, I didn’t see you there.”

My friend looked at me incredulously.

“I don’t know how you can stay so calm!” she said. “I would have jumped out of my car and yelled at the guy, letting him know that I was there first and it was my spot.”

“What for?” I asked. “There’s no reason for me to get upset and riled up over a parking spot. There are lots of parking spots just waiting for me.”

“But it’s the principle.”

“You are right. It is the principle. In fact, there are many principles. For me, the first principle is to assume positive intent. He clearly didn’t see me there, and when he did, he moved on. He even waved!

The second principle is this: life is too short to let a parking spot battle get the best of me. Who cares if he took the spot? I’m not going to let that ruin my day! I am in sunny Florida – here for sun and fun and I am going to have a good time regardless of where I park!”

We had several similar conversations – about the kids who were yelling at the beach, about the poor service at the restaurant, about the long lineup at the store, and really about how to live peacefully in the midst of all of life’s regular hiccups.

About a week after we got back from our trip, I received a text message from my friend. It read, “I went grocery shopping today and as I was standing in line I thought ‘WWKS?’ It really helped me to relax and slow down.”

“What the heck does that mean?” I texted back.

What Would Kim Say?” she replied. “I realized that I really didn’t HAVE to feel so frustrated and impatient, so I chilled out and started talking to the person beside me. I had a much better time and the line went a lot faster!”

We always have choice about how to react, even when we are at the mercy of our circumstances. The question is, what’s your knee-jerk reaction to life’s little annoyances? Do you let them get under your skin? Do you let them ruin your day? Or do you let them roll off your shoulders and simply make the best of it?

The real question is – what principles are you using to guide your life?

Our Frame of Mind Coaching Assessment will provide you with the opportunity to really dig deep into this question and help you take a good look at how your principles are affecting your relationships, your career and your overall happiness.

Once you have completed the assessment, you will be invited to experience the magic of an FOM coaching call with one of our wonderful, certified coaches.

It’s free, so go ahead and give it a try!

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