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Get to know the businesswoman behind Frame of Mind Coaching

by Frame of Mind August 6, 2013

Published in Jewish Tribune on July 30, 2013.

Kim Ades is a personal development coach who does not focus on goal-setting. She does not centre her attention on client values, and she is not obsessed with success. There is, however, one thing that Ades does pay attention to: the thoughts of her clients.

Just over six years ago, Ades founded a company called Frame of Mind Coaching and asked her clients to journal daily, in an online journal, so she could access their thoughts and beliefs.

Initially, client journaling was simply a method for client data collection. It soon became much more than that.

“I never wanted to be a coach who didn’t have impact,” Ades explains. “I know that in order to have impact, I need to get into the minds and hearts of my clients. Journaling is an incredibly powerful tool that helps me achieve this.”

Each week for ten weeks, Ades gives clients a different topic on which to journal, and she responds to these entries with questions and comments that propel the coaching process forward. During a weekly phone call, Ades focuses on client’s unproductive or limiting beliefs about themselves … beliefs that she has uncovered through the journaling process.

Kim started Frame of Mind Coaching because she believes that while most people know what they have to do to achieve results, something prevents them from reaching their goals.

“Our focus is on what it is exactly that is preventing you from getting to where you need to go,” Ades says. “Once we can find those things and shift them or trade them up for something better, people can naturally achieve success.”

With this methodology, Ades is able to help clients dismantle their mental, emotional and psychological roadblocks by challenging the thoughts that limit their success.

For Ades, coaching others is an honour. “It’s probably one of the greatest highs a person can experience; coaching someone and impacting their life such that they view themselves in a much brighter, stronger, more empowered way,” she says.

Frame of Mind Coaching is now offering certification for new and existing coaches. The certification is an approximate nine-month multi-step program, including 1-on-1 personal coaching, practical sales training, individual coach training, a practicum and an oral exam.

Click here to read the article online in Jewish Tribune.

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