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by Kim Ades October 11, 2013

Have you ever been in the ZONE? You know… the zone where you are so totally focused and engaged in what you’re doing that your productivity is off the charts and 8 hours of intense effort only feels like 15 minutes. The ZONE – where time flies, where work feels like play, where the quality of your output is fierce, and you feel energized after pulling a double shift.

The ZONE is where you are when your actions are completely aligned with your goals. The ZONE is the place where nothing can interfere with your ability to manifest your greatest desires. The ZONE is where you glow and where you show up as your best self.

Getting YOU in the ZONE – that is the purpose behind Frame of Mind Coaching.

Interestingly – getting you in the zone does not mean helping you figure out your goals or designing a plan to help you achieve your goals. It also does not mean holding you accountable to all the actions you need to take in order to make things happen. You know how to design plans on your own – you certainly don’t need help doing that. On the contrary, designing plans is easy – it’s the execution part that’s tricky. Getting in the zone makes it a whole lot easier.

Helping you get into the zone when you need it means finding all of the thoughts, beliefs, perspectives and past experiences that creep into your subconscious and work to hinder your alignment. Moving towards the zone means helping you eliminate those harmful internal thoughts that stand in the way of your success and replacing them with more useful, empowering thoughts.

Here’s how we do it. We begin with a 10 week coaching period. There’s a call once a week for the 10 weeks. In between each call, there is written dialogue between the coach and the client every single day for the full duration of the coaching experience. The client is given a weekly journaling question to think about and respond to, each and every day of the process. The coach receives this client’s daily journals and begins the process of continuous inquiry to uncover the thinking patterns that create the current results that the client is generating – both positive results and negative results. The coach then helps the client to trade in the beliefs that interfere with their ability to get into the ZONE. Once those beliefs are out of the way, the client soars. Just like that.

It’s not really rocket science, but the impact of this process is magical. The minute you are able to let go of the thoughts and beliefs that keep you trapped is the minute you are able to step into your greatness. Your goals are really irrelevant and your current reality is just a passing phase. As long as you are free from the shackles of your limiting beliefs, you are prepared to reach any goal you set your mind to.

I invite you to experience this for yourself. Test drive the Frame of Mind Coaching experience by participating in a no-charge six day coaching process where you are assigned to a professional coach who works with you intimately every day for six days. After taking an initial coaching assessment, you will be matched with a coach who will reach out to you for an initial coaching call and set you up for six days of private journaling. During this time, your assigned coach will read and respond to your journals each day and ask you questions that will help to easily identify some of the barriers that are preventing you from moving forward. At the end of the six days, you will have another scheduled call with your coach to review your journals and determine whether or not you’d like to continue in a formal coaching engagement.

There are no hidden agendas – we want you to sign up for coaching with a certified Frame of Mind Coach. We also want you to be sure that coaching with us will ignite the transformation that you are seeking. All it really takes is six days to get a taste of how Frame of Mind Coaching can impact your life.

Are you ready to get into the ZONE?


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