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Coach Spotlight: Frank Furbacher

by Frame of Mind May 17, 2018

FOM Coach Frank Furbacher shares what his experience getting coached with Frame of Mind Coaching™ was like and why he decided to become a coach!

Frank Furbacher
How did you hear about Frame of Mind Coaching™?
I heard about Frame of Mind Coaching™ from David Schnurman, the CEO of Lawline and President of EO (Entrepreneurs’ Organization) NY. He heard Kim speak at an EO event then hired her to coach him. He got so much out of it that when I worked for him as COO of Lawline, and he encouraged me to get coached. He knew that I had a passion for lifelong education and self-improvement. He’s also a big believer in leadership development and has sent many people to Frame of Mind Coaching™ since.

What was your coaching experience like?
Kim and I talked about my career at length. I had been at Lawline for about five years and the company was going through a transition. She helped empower me during that transition and helped me step into my role as a leader in the company.

I was also trying to navigate my personal life. I had gone through a major breakup about a year earlier and had just started dating a woman named Amanda. I wasn’t sure what a good relationship should look like. My confidence was a little shaky − I used to second guess my behavior with respect to relationships.

Kim helped me clarify what I wanted out of a relationship and she taught me to trust my instincts. She built up my confidence so I could have a meaningful relationship. Amanda and I got married this year.

Do you still apply what you learned in coaching to your life now?
Every single day. My experience at Frame of Mind Coaching™ gives me a blueprint of what’s possible for me. It helps me think about things differently and live my life with much more ease.

In conversations with people who I manage and mentor at work, I use the principles that I learned in coaching to help them through anything they’re struggling with and help them deliver greater impact.

When I find myself feeling frustrated or worried, I use coaching to guide me so I can continue to put my best foot forward.

Why did you decide to become a coach?
I wanted to continue improving and adding to my skill set. When Kim suggested I become a coach, I jumped at the opportunity – the Frame of Ming Coaching™ methodology resonated with me so much. These are skills that I would have for the rest of my life.

When coaching other people, I’m reiterating the lessons I learned through coaching and applying them to my life as well. The more I coach other people, the better I feel.

What type of people do you coach?
They are leaders, they are very, very passionate and they take big swings. They’re looking to take responsibility for their success and they’re looking to make an impact in the world.

What is your impact on your coaching clients?
The Frame of Mind Coaching™ process changes their lives. I help them do that by teaching them how to live with greater ease. They’re finally able to see the bigger picture because they have a coach there to put things into perspective for them. It vastly improves all aspects of their lives. My clients report that their confidence increased, their performance improved, their stress decreased and their relationships have flourished.

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