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Frame of Mind Toronto Training was Unbelievable!

by Frame of Mind January 17, 2014

What a week!

The FOM Certification Toronto training week kicked off on a high-note…and that high note rang out throughout the week!

Last Sunday, we welcomed Frank, Becca, Lori, Michele, Jim, Bri, Quinton, Carla and Jonathan to the Toronto tundra (it was ccccooold here). Kim quickly got down to business- covering journal review training and sales training in five intense days.

FOM Certification covered it all: lead-generation, journal responses, presentations, article-writing, social media and biographies.

The group learned how to coach from the inside out, with hands on exercises that got them off the ground running.

Aside from the deep professional development, the week included:

  • Lots of journaling and personal development
  • Tasty food (including Canadian poutine and maple syrup goodies)
  • Amazing group bonding
  • Meditation and stretching

For those of you considering FOM Certification, the next round of training is starting in February. If you are interested in learning more about getting certified as a Frame of Mind Coach,click here.

Reach out to Kim with any questions! (By phone: 416.747.6900 ext 223 and by e-mail:

We hope to see you in Toronto soon!

Here’s the week in pictures:

Hard at work.Hard at work.
The group out for dinner.
The group out for dinner.

The hosts of the week.

Journal response training.
A wonderful evening to round off the week.


Here’s a poem that Allan wrote to sum up the experience:

The training is over, the week’s at an end
It’s simply quite beautiful
How we’ve all become friends.

It started with sushi,
To get us out of the gate
It was all-you-can-eat
So we filled up our plates

The next morning we gathered
To review and respond
And to get to know one another
And forge some new bonds

Through snack times and meal times
We hung out as one
Learning and laughing
While having lots of fun

The hotel food was not great
But it passed its inspection
But I think that next time
we’ll go in a different direction

But back to the group
You’re all really quite nuts
I say that with love
No ifs, ands or buts.

You’re all quite impressive
And driven and strong
You’ll all make great coaches
It won’t take too long.

There’s Quinton and Lori,
There’s Jim and there’s Frank
There’s Michele and Davida
And Jonny the tank
There’s Carla and Becca,
There’s Kim and there’s Bri
That rounds off the bunch
Oh yeah and there’s me.

We’ve eaten we’ve schmoozed
We’ve bantered a lot
We’ve journaled and written
And questioned our thoughts

We’ve been trained and directed
And put on a path
We’ve been shown how to think
We’ve been given the math

Assessments and selling
Seminars and more
But reviewing the journals
Is really how to score

The gathering’s awesome
The people divine
It’s amazing how quickly
We’ve run out of time

It’s just not surprising
how we all gelled together
I guess it’s true what they say
about birds of a feather

Thank you for being here
For taking the leap
We explored our own thinking
We ran really deep

As we wrap up our training
And return to our lives
You’ve all been amazing
Give yourselves a high five!

Let’s end with this quote
That by now everyone knows
It’s about your own Frame of Mind…
What You Focus on Grows!

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