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Flipping the Bird

by Kim Ades December 21, 2017

How do you react when someone honks at you or you see someone flipping the bird? Do you get upset? Here’s another approach.

I was in Saskatchewan at the beginning of December when I met him. He was big, loud and obnoxious. His name was Ryan, and he was my driver for two days.

I had flown to Regina to host a couple presentations for TEC members. When I got into Ryan’s car to be driven to my hotel, he immediately started talking to me. He didn’t stop until we reached my destination.

Of the many stories he told me, this one was the craziest:

“People honk at me all the time,” he began.

That’s not really the type of thing you want to hear from your driver, I thought to myself.

He went on to tell me that every time someone honks at him, he tries his best to catch up to them at the next stoplight. Then, he gets out of his car and taps on their window.

Now remember, Ryan is BIG guy!

When they roll down their window, he reaches his arms into their car. Then, he surprises them with a big hug!

The story doesn’t end there, though.

One day, Ryan drove his car a little too close to a biker, who in turn started flipping the bird.

At the next intersection, Ryan stopped his car and approached the biker. The biker was even bigger than him and was wearing a Hells Angels jacket! Ryan hugged him all the same.

He got back into his car and kept driving. When they reached another intersection, the Hells Angel biker knocked on Ryan’s window.

He rolled down his window slowly.

The Hells Angel dude grabbed him by the shirt.

Then, he leaned in, planted a huge kiss on Ryan’s head and said, “Thanks, man, I needed that!”

I’m sharing this story with you now because it has such an important and timely message.

Over the course of the holidays, someone might honk at you or you might see someone flipping the bird. Someone might bump into you as they rush past you in a busy shopping mall. A family member might disagree with an opinion you voice during a holiday meal.

Regardless of the actions of others, you get to choose how you react. Would you rather flip someone the bird or would you rather give them a hug?

Happy Holidays to all of our FOM family!

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