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My First Coaching Call Experience

by Frame of Mind April 15, 2014

Nadine Habib, the new Admin/ Marketing/ Booking Coordinator at Frame of Mind Coaching, reflects after her first coaching call.


“I’m a little nervous for this first call with Bri. I’m not sure what to expect.”

I wrote this in my notebook as I waited for my coach, Bri, to join me on the conference line for our first coaching call. Had I known what I would feel like an hour and a half later, my initial butterflies might not have surfaced.

I have now been working at Frame of Mind Coaching as their Marketing/Booking/Admin Coordinator for a little over a month. As a requirement, everyone who works at FOM has to go through the 10-week coaching process, the flagship company coaching program.

Going into coaching I was nervous, excited, eager, and mostly curious about how a 10-week process could transform me.

I thought the phone calls and the journal entries would just be an opportunity to get things off my chest and where a week’s worth of negativity would be transformed into positivity. It was far more than that.

I was surprised by the depth of the journal writing process. I’ve been writing in a journal since I was 10-years-old, but I found when we began to look more closely at my entries; it added a new form of introspection.

In my first coaching call, Bri, spent time really trying to get to know me and understand my thinking. As she got closer to my soft spots, I began to wiggle in my seat. I felt myself going to places that I have never been before. Bri was shedding light on things that were previously a blur.

I saw this most clearly during the call when I was rambling about a story, which I felt had no significance to anything. I thought to myself, “When can we move on from this? It’s so uninteresting,” but Bri persisted on the story and was genuinely interested in the details. At one point, when I was answering one of her questions, I was amazed at the sudden understanding and realization I had when I finally decided to be honest with myself. I saw how everything was connected and came full circle. I saw how things I briefly mentioned in my journals or things I briefly said during the call were all related to a bigger picture. I was shocked.

I felt like that first phone call allowed me to start to connect the dots in my life and that gave me such a great feeling. When the phone call was over I was in the greatest mood. You know when you talk to someone or you’re part of a certain situation and you walk away from it having this vast amount of joy that kind of seems like it came from nowhere? That was how I felt after that first call. It was like a surge of positivity and happiness came my way and I was just bouncing around in a tub of wonderful energy. I even danced around my room.

I don’t know what the next nine weeks have in store for me but I know that the second week’s phone call is not going to be met with nervousness; it’s going to be met with excitement.

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