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6 Factors to Consider When Finding a Coach

by Frame of Mind November 30, 2015

There are many great coaches out there, and picking the right one can be a tedious task. We’ve developed a list of factors to consider when looking for a coach. Here are the 6 criteria to examine:

1. Do you connect with them?





How well you’re able to connect with your coach will impact your results. Do you feel like you can relate to them? When you speak to each other, do you feel a rapport? Do you feel that your coach is a good listener and that they get where you’re coming from?

2. How do they collect data?

examining data




It’s crucial for your coach to gather consistent data about your wins and challenges throughout your entire coaching experience. It’s not enough to rely on calls or meetings alone to gather that type of critical information. What method does your coach use to gather data in between calls? Assessments? Assignments? Journaling? This type of data will enable you to look back and examine your progress over time, and to pick up on the thinking traps that repeatedly show up in your life.

3. What is their coaching philosophy?





What is their coaching point of view? Are they an accountability coach? A business coach? A strategic coach? Or do they focus on your thinking and how it impacts all of your results? Make sure that their approach is what you’re looking for. Also make sure that their approach has a lasting impact and doesn’t just address a short term need. It’s important to ensure that your coach is able to get to the root of your challenges and not just put a Band-Aid over them.

4. Do they use a set process or is it open-ended?





Is there a beginning, a middle, and an end to this coaching approach? Is there a system in place for coaching? Is this system clear? Is it open-ended or is it more organic? What kind of structure works best for you? What kind of environment will allow you to thrive? Which process do you feel will be more effective to help you reach your goals?

5. What is their track record?





Look into their history. Do they have testimonials? Client evaluations? What have they helped their clients achieve? Do they receive referrals from past clients? Who have they coached in the past? Are you similar to those types of clients?

6. How accessible is your coach?





How frequently will you be in contact with your coach? What are the ways that you can connect? Is your coach open to stepping in during emergencies? Would you be comfortable reaching out if you had an emergency?

If you’re looking for a coach, find out whether or not the Frame of Mind Coaching approach is right for you.
Start by assessing your frame of mind.

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