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How to Empower Your Kids

by Frame of Mind November 21, 2016

empower your kids

President and Founder of Frame of Mind Coaching™, Kim Ades, was recently interviewed on Inspirational Creatives with host Rob Lawrence! This show features conversations with successful artists and entrepreneurs who offer new ideas and strategies to help you create the life you want and take your creative business to the next level.

Listen Here!

You will learn about:
-What to do when times get tough.
-How to empower your kids.
-How to get out of your own way.
-Why being constantly busy is counter-productive.
-And much, much more!

“We want our clients to become masters and observers of their own thinking.”

-Kim Ades on Inspirational Creatives

If you like what you hear in this interview, we welcome you to take our assessment!

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