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Dysfunction at Work and How to Eliminate It

by Kim Ades February 1, 2018

How to eliminate all of the dysfunction and instability you experience at work and in your relationships.

I recently hosted a group coaching call. Before the call, I invited each participant to submit a journal describing an area of frustration in his or her life.

Here is a segment of one of the journals that I received:

I genuinely love my life.  

However, I feel like I am addicted to the struggle. I really enjoy problem solving and grew up in a decent amount of dysfunction, so my life can sometimes be a problem to solve created out of the dysfunction that I allow to continue. Over the past six months, I have been focused on eliminating the dysfunction and have seen progress, but stability within our company is still elusive.

So here’s what I told this participant:

“In this journal, you’ve described what you don’t want – dysfunction – but you have not at all described what you would rather have! You cannot focus on dysfunction and expect to create stability in your company. It’s impossible.

You must focus on what you want instead of all the things that are not working. When you focus on what’s not working, you will just find more things that also aren’t working.”

Interestingly, this participant continued to explain how his business partner was not “doing the right things, consistently.” He described her as scattered and unfocused, and he had been trying to bring that to her attention. He shared that her volatility was driving him nuts.

I continued…

“Do you think that by telling her that her performance sucks, her performance will improve?

Catch her at her best, and ONLY focus on her great performance.

Build her up, don’t tear her down.

The truth is that you are the one who needs to focus. You need to focus on what is working. Imagine what can happen if you concentrate on that? Do you think your company will become stable?”

It was like a light bulb turned on.

“So when I focus on the instability in my business, it actually becomes more unstable!” he said. “But if I focus on what’s going right, things will head in the right direction.”

“You got it!”

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