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Dump, Dump, then Dump the Dump

by Frame of Mind January 22, 2015

Want a strategy for impactful and powerful journaling?  The journaling exercise “Dump the Dump” will give you the know-how.

Here’s how it is done:
When journaling in your notebook/ in an online journal, journal about everything that is on your mind. Get rid of everything; All your worries and all your fears that are creating cloudiness in your head. Write about your blockages and your frustrations.

You may write, “I don’t think I’m smart enough to do a good job on my work project.” You may write, “I don’t deserve to be wealthy” or “I’m horrible at managing relationships with my coworkers.” You may write, “I don’t think I’m good enough to be with my boyfriend/ girlfriend.”

Write until you can’t write anymore and you think you’re done.  Then write some more.

When you are truly done, and there’s nothing left, write down the following words:

“It’s time to turn myself around.”

Start journaling about the things you want in your life. Journal about where you’re going, where you’re already moving towards your dreams, and where you are grateful. Write about what you like about your current circumstances and what you are doing right.

Journaling in such a way allows you to get everything out of your system and then shift your focus towards what you’d like to create and experience in your life. It’s similar to cleaning out your spam folder or taking out the trash: you are sifting through your mind and bringing yourself to a better place.

Journaling allows you to become aware of the thoughts and beliefs that stand in your way. You may be unaware of your self-deprecating, defeating thoughts that make it difficult for you to move forward. Once you can expose the unhealthy thoughts that you walk around with each day, you can begin to shift them and take on new beliefs that help you experience more joy, calm, and success.

This “Dump the Dump” exercise will help you shift your focus and take control of your thinking.

Try it!

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