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Client Spotlight: David Schnurman

by Frame of Mind September 12, 2013

David SchnurmanName: David Schnurman

Job: CEO of Lawline and President of EO (Entrepreneurs’ Organization) NY

Coaching: Two years of 1-on-1 Coaching with Kim Ades

Why did you decide to pursue coaching with Frame of Mind Coaching?
I met Kim when she spoke at an Entrepreneurs’ Organization forum. Before the forum, I had had an individual call with Kim where she asked me pointed questions about myself and my business. Her questions made me think deeply about myself, and I was very impressed with her presentation at the forum. I came home thinking about pursuing coaching, and began learning more about self-improvement. A few years later I was thinking of hiring a coach and I remembered Kim.

What did you learn from coaching?
1) It’s the little things that matter.
Kim helped me realize that when it comes to relationships, my commitment is demonstrated through all of my actions. For example, it’s the simple things like cleaning the dishes and getting up in the middle of the night when my child is crying instead of waiting for my wife to do it that help build my marriage. I learned that the little things in the world make the greatest difference. You have to make sure you put the effort in, but it’s very easy to do and it has really paid off.

2) The importance of journaling
My favourite part of the coaching process has been journaling. I think journaling is the key to success. Journaling has helped me get my thoughts together and focussed for the future. It was a game-changer in coaching because Kim was always on the same page as me. With journaling, if you can write where you want to go, then you can talk it out to yourself. If you look at most people who are successful, they’ve done just that.

3) A coach can help you move forward
Coaching helped me become more aware of who I am. I find that you can read a lot and there’s really no new information out there. It was really something different to be talking out things with someone as high-level as Kim. Kim helped me look at things in a positive light, and she helped me realize that I generally downplay my abilities, that I am hard on myself. I love the coaching-mentoring aspect. I was able to get actionable steps that I was able to apply to my business and home life. In my professional life, Kim helped me with managing and working with others, especially during my transition from a founder to a CEO. I went through a tough time in my business, and if wasn’t for Kim, those three months would have been harder. Coaching helped me get focussed and energized. I even encouraged one of my employees to get coached, and he completed the 10 week Frame of Mind Coaching program and is studying to become a Frame of Mind certified coach.

What was the hardest part of coaching?
The biggest challenge was exposing myself and going deep – to my insecurities and underlying issues, so I could move past those obstacles and grow. It really involved taking the time and energy to understand why I do what I do.

What was surprising about coaching?
I wanted to get a lot of value out of coaching. After our second call, I said to Kim “I feel like I just got my value for the full ten weeks. How are you going to top this now?” Her response was, “The question is, how are YOU going to top that?”

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