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Coach Spotlight: Dave Gorham

by Frame of Mind December 14, 2017

Dave GorhamName: Dave Gorham

Job: FOM Coach, Owner of Realty Solutions LLC, Broker-of-Record
and Market Leader of Renters Warehouse NJ LLC

Coaching: 1-on-1 Coaching with Kim Ades

How did you hear about Frame of Mind Coaching™?
Before owning Frame of Mind Coaching™, Kim owned a software company that built simulation-based assessments and subsequently sold it to another company. I used those assessments in real estate recruiting. As it turned out, my sales rep was one of Kim’s past clients and introduced us at a real estate convention. I was looking for a coach at that time, and Kim told me that she was the coach for me. Little did I know, I was her first ever 1-on-1 Coaching client!

What was the FOM Coaching™ framework like back then?
Kim coached me 11 years ago, and believe it or not, the skeleton was there for exactly what the 1-on-1 Coaching program is like right now at FOM. Even the most beneficial journaling prompts and the subject matter were in place way back then. We journaled together on a blogging site − she hadn’t invented JournalEngine™ yet.

Why did you want to pursue coaching?
Initially, I wanted a coach to help me become a better real estate manager as there was no formal training in the company I was with at the time. I was managing over 60 sales agents, I felt ill-prepared and my anxiety level was growing. I wanted to know what I should be doing better, differently or more of.

At the same time that I was trying to build my career, I was trying to navigate some struggles in my marriage. I was going through a difficult time with my wife and we didn’t know if we should stay together or separate.

How did coaching impact those struggles?
Kim turned the tables on me and showed me how I could be thinking differently. She helped me become more self-aware, and in turn, I became more confident. I realized that I already had everything that I needed and that I could trust myself. The company grew under my leadership, and I ended up becoming Manager of the Year despite being the youngest of eight managers at the time.

Coaching changed my mindset from one of turmoil to one of peace, giving me and my wife the space to grow, be more honest with each other, and ultimately, to stay together. It gave me the courage to work on being a better person.

Why did you decide to become an FOM coach?
After we wrapped up coaching together, Kim told me that she thought I’d make a fantastic coach. I really enjoyed my coaching experience and wanted to take other people through that journey. Looking back, I have always coached others in some capacity in all my other jobs.

What type of people do you coach?
They are high-producers; they have a lot of balls in the air. They tend to be struggling in some areas of their lives that throws their balance off. I’ve worked with people from all professions who have many commitments in their lives.

What is the impact of your coaching on these clients?
The impact is potent and it’s deep. I’m very attached to their emotional well-being. When their actions are misaligned with what they really, really want, I call them on it. Many clients continue with me for additional coaching because they’d like it to become ingrained in their lives.

You’ve been with FOM Coaching™ since the very beginning − why have you stuck with FOM for so long?
Partly because of the friendship between me and Kim, and partly because I’ve always felt a personal ownership towards the company. I can’t see myself coaching for any other company.

Do you still apply what you learned from being coached a decade ago to your life now?
It’s impossible not to. I subscribe to the FOM Principles and I coach using those principles as well. It’s in my DNA and I layer it into everything that I do. This isn’t just a job or a hobby − it’s a part of my life. Everyone needs a coach to help and support them in becoming more whole.

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