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Client Spotlight: Darren Kittleson

by Frame of Mind August 15, 2014

Name: Darren Kittleson

Career: Operating Principal and Broker for two Keller Williams Realty offices in Wisconsin and BOLD Coach at Keller Williams Realty

Coaching: 1-on-1 and group coaching with Kim Ades plus maintenance

What were you hoping to get out of coaching?
I went into coaching looking to expand my business and get better at managing my staff. I sat across the table from Kim at a function in Colorado back in 2008. I asked her what she did and she began talking about how she coaches people on how their thinking affects their outcomes in their business. I was intrigued.

Did coaching meet your expectations?
I thought life was pretty good before. Coaching has opened my eyes up to the fact that life can be even greater and more enjoyable. I don’t know what my expectation was was going in, but what I got from coaching was a tremendous amount of clarity about what I could be doing that would make me happier from a business perspective.

I’m better at business now because of what’s happened on a personal side for me. I got clearer about what my strong traits are and what I’m not so great at. I got clearer about what I enjoy and don’t enjoy doing. I got clearer about how to effectively communicate with people. Those were the outcomes that I wasn’t necessarily looking for when I started coaching. I’m grateful for it.

Have you made any adjustments in your life as a result of coaching?
I always heard the expression, “Do what you love and you’ll never work a day in your life.” For 44 years, I was searching for that. Through the coaching experience, I really identified what I love to do and what comes easy to me. My predominant skills that peers and friends pointed out consistently were my strong speaking and teaching skills. As a result of discovering this, Kim and I started strategizing how I could make that happen professionally. Now, I spend 80% of my week speaking and teaching, whereas before I wasn’t doing that at all.

Has coaching affected you in other areas of your life?
What I’ve learned and how I’ve changed shows up everywhere. Calmness is a big thing. In my 30s I had to go in for an EKG because of chest pain, and it was determined that the pain was stress related. At the pace I was going, chances are I wouldn’t be around long. These days, I’m much calmer about things. I don’t let drama bother me. I don’t lose sleep over what other people do or say. I think clearer because of it.

How did journaling affect your life?
I had never journaled before, and so the prospect of journaling every single day seemed a little daunting. What I’ve learned from Kim is that if I’m ever in a spot where I feel stuck, I can sit down and write out my story with the outcomes I desire. It’s amazing because these outcomes will almost always translate to real life. Journaling allowed me to recondition the way I think on a daily basis.

What would you tell others about Kim and about coaching?
I see Kim as an incredibly gifted, trusted advisor and coach for me. I trust her implicitly. With regards to Frame of Mind Coaching, I refer others here because this is the type of coaching where you turn your life around. You get a richer, fuller life. A bigger life and a more enjoyable life.

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