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Connecting With Key Players in Your Field

by Kim Ades May 3, 2018

Connecting with others in a corporate environment is more important and easier to accomplish than you think!

I was chatting with my daughter, Ferne, the other day, who shared this quick story with me.

A friend of hers told her that he was going to be hitching a ride with their professor to a conference, in the hopes that it would expose him to some new information related to his thesis topic and would perhaps introduce him to some valuable connections.

“The drives to and from the conference are going to be sooo long,” he complained to Ferne.

“Good!” said Ferne. “That will give you a lot of time to talk.”

“That’s what I’m afraid of,” was his response. “I bet it will be super awkward.”

So what was Ferne’s advice for her friend?

“Bring food.”

Food is a great way to connect with others, especially in professional settings. Sharing food with someone can be a way to learn more about them and to show them more about yourself.

That said, many people don’t view connection as being worthwhile in corporate environments. They think of it as a waste of both time and money.

However, connection is actually the most powerful aspect of running a thriving business.

Connecting with your business partner, connecting with your team, connecting with clients… All of these connections are instrumental in growing your business, whether you realize it or not.

When you set time aside to connect with your partner, you gain an opportunity to release any tension that may exist in the relationship and to learn why they make certain decisions.

When, as a leader, you form a connection with a team member, you show them that they are valued and their performance will likely improve as a result.

When you connect with a client, you open doors to their invaluable feedback.

So why not take a colleague out to lunch or invite them over for dinner? The payback could be greater than you expect.

At Frame of Mind Coaching™, we open our clients’ eyes to the opportunities that are right in front of them that they often aren’t able to see for themselves.

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