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The Coaching Tool Taking the World by Surprise

by Frame of Mind February 10, 2014

The following article by Davida Ander was published in the 6th edition of the International Coaching News (ICN).

How much do you know about your clients? Do you know about their attitudes? Do you know about their aspirations? Do you know about their sore spots? Most importantly – do you know about the way your clients think?

The more information you have about your clients, the more you can understand the feelings and beliefs that drive their outcomes. The more client data you collect – the more equipped you are to be a remarkable coach.

In order to learn more about your clients, you can ask them in-person questions or have them fill out online or paper assessments. Or you can combine these traditional methods and add another layer, a tool that is taking the coaching world by surprise: journaling.

The use of journaling is greatly underrated in the coaching world. And it’s a shame. Journaling can make you a better coach and accelerate your clients’ results. Here’s how journaling can boost your coaching business:

No Lost Traction Between Sessions

When clients journal every day, they stay in tune with their thinking and their desired results. As a coach, you can help your clients stay on track and form healthy day-to-day thinking habits. When you reconnect for a subsequent coaching session, you are up-to-date with your client’s progress and can jump right into the heavy stuff.

Access a Wealth of Information

The best way to learn about your clients is to ask them questions on an ongoing basis about every aspect of their life. When you ask your clients to journal, you can automatically send out homework assignments that prompt them to reflect on anything and everything: their past experiences, regrets, struggles, embarrassments, pet peeves and future goals. When you have access to this information, you can begin to identify the beliefs that drive and interfere with your client’s actions. This is when coaching breakthroughs can start happening.

Form a Deep Bond Quickly

When you communicate with your clients through journaling, the high frequency of contact paves the way for a trusting relationship. Clients come to appreciate and look forward to your comments on their journals. You become a mentor in their daily lives, and someone with which they can connect deeply.

Prove Your Value

Clients who journal can reference their strides to success in past journal entries. When you respond to journal entries with feedback and questions, a conversational thread of development is recorded. Journaling with your clients solidifies the impact of your coaching.

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