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How Coaching Saved Her Marriage

by Kim Ades September 14, 2017

Time and time again, we receive feedback from our coaching clients about their stellar experience with Frame of Mind Coaching. They tell us that our coaching reduced their levels of stress, increased their happiness (and their revenues!), strengthened their relationships, made parenting their children much more rewarding and made leading their teams vastly more effective.

The other day, I got an email from someone I coached 12 years ago. She shared how her coaching experience impacted her, and here is what she wrote…

Hi Kim,

I have been meaning to send you a message for a long time. Every time I plan on doing it, I think I should wait until I have “more time” to write you a proper email.

I have wanted to thank you for a long time for the difference you have made in my life.

When I met you and you coached me years ago, I was in a very difficult stage of my life. It was one of worst, loneliest times of my life. I was miserably married and had serious doubts as to what the future held for my family. I was also not a happy or positive person.

Because of you, I started writing in a gratitude journal (which I still do every day). I also became aware of my thoughts – something you taught me to do. I never realized how my mind would wander and become so negative and upset as I would be driving, doing dishes, doing chores or at any given time. So when I would catch myself thinking negative thoughts about my life, my husband, etc., I learned to replace them with good thoughts – things that I seemed to have forgotten – like my health, my kids, my friends, etc. Within months, my life at home started to improve. What was once a tension-filled, unhappy home became a loving home. Because I started changing my thoughts, my husband started to change his attitude when he would come home.

My sister came to visit me after being away and noticed how I seemed to be different – not so stressed and agitated. She wanted to know what I was doing. That’s how big my transformation was.

Needless to say, things have only improved over the years. I still can’t believe how much my life at home has changed. It truly is the way I had always wanted it, but I never thought it would happen to me. My husband, too, has changed so much!! We have the close and loving marriage we always wanted. We often joke about how it would have been nice to have married the people we are today as opposed to who we were then.

When I say meeting you and having you help me has been life changing, I truly mean it. I know things would have been very different for me, my husband and my kids. I know in my heart the impact you made on all of us. I just wanted to thank you.

Thank you Kim ?❤️ -GB

At Frame of Mind Coaching, our goal is to make a valuable difference in people’s lives in the areas that matter most. It is an absolute honor to be trusted with such intimate details about someone, to help them grow past their pain and limiting beliefs and to bring them to a place of joy and peace. Everyone deserves to experience this.

You deserve to have all that you really, really want. You deserve to be happy.

We invite you to learn more about yourself, about us and about what we do. Click here to get started.

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