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How to Coach High Potential Leaders

by Kim Ades January 4, 2018

As an entrepreneur, your job is not just to lead your team, but to coach them. Coaching is an unparalleled tool in helping them increase their productivity, leverage their natural strengths, improve their overall results and step into their own roles as leaders.

After coaching hundreds of entrepreneurs myself, I have discovered that there are seven key components to coaching leaders:

1. Keep your promises
It is vital that you follow through on any commitments that you make to your team. If you promise to send them something or meet with them, follow through. This is an easy way to gain their trust.

2. Be in contact frequently
Find ways to stay in contact with your team in between coaching conversations. The more touch points you have with them, the easier it is to cement the trust required for them to share their personal and professional lives with you.

3. Be an open book
Make sure to share bits and pieces of your own life while you are coaching your team. Share your experiences that are relevant to them and that help move them forward. This allows them to get to know you and understand that you too are human and have overcome some interesting obstacles along the way.

4. Introduce a journaling dialogue
Asking your team to share journal entries with you in a private, online journal is a very effective way of staying in contact while simultaneously moving the coaching process forward.

5. Give them food for thought
Engage your team in a written exchange that gives them time to really process your questions and respond fully. Seeing data in writing can often be a catalyst for important strategic decisions.

6. Focus on their thinking
Tap into their thoughts, beliefs, values and expectations. The faster you can connect the dots and show them how their thinking is preventing their success, the faster they can see the problem and make a change.

7. Challenge them
Don’t be afraid to be bold and challenge them when it’s appropriate. It’s important, however, that when you challenge them, you communicate their ability to rise to the challenge.

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