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Client Spotlight: Will Baumgardner

by Frame of Mind September 2, 2016

Will BaumgardnerToday’s Client Spotlight: Will Baumgardner

Job: Vice President of Venture First

Coaching: 10 weeks 1-on-1 Coaching

How did you first find out about Frame of Mind Coaching?
I work with John Shumate, the CEO of Venture First. As we were growing the business together, I could tell John was struggling with some issues. Then, all of a sudden, things started to get better for him. I asked him what spurred this change, and he told me that he was coaching with Kim Ades of Frame of Mind Coaching. So I saw firsthand the results of the FOM Coaching process.

What were you struggling with prior to coaching?
I had recently taken on a time-consuming business development type of role at work. I felt uncomfortable and I wasn’t sure what I was doing. I began to doubt myself. To compensate, I started finding different outlets where I could feel confident in my work to hide the fact that I was insecure at Venture First.

I also felt that I should have everything together. We were doing great things at work, I had just finished an Ironman triathlon and I was in a great, new relationship. On the outside, it looked like I had everything going for me. On the inside, however, I felt like I was on the wrong path. I was just reacting from situation to situation and I lacked clarity and focus. I was unhappy.

How did coaching impact that?
It helped me to understand why I felt the way that I did. The first gift that FOM Coaching gave me was the ability to accept my feelings. That was a huge step for me. Once I accepted that it was okay to feel as I did, I was able to pivot away from those feelings. I learned how to react in situations I found stressful, I learned how to feel powerful and I learned how to own my decisions. Now, I show up with purpose. I know what my role is and I’m comfortable with it.

Has coaching impacted how you show up in your relationships?
Yes. I used to have specific ideas of what a perfect relationship should be. I would tell myself, “he has some qualities that I like but one that I don’t, and that’s a problem,” whereas my coach would say, “big deal!” Through coaching, I learned what truly is a deal-breaker for me and what I can just let go of.

I also used to believe that if he did certain things that I disliked, he would continue to do those things for the rest of our lives. My coach helped me take a step back and realize that that wasn’t necessarily the case.

I can now identify what is the real truth of each scenario versus what the story is that I’m making up about it. I have learned how to react based solely on the facts.

What was it like journaling every day?
There were many times in which I would begin responding to a journaling prompt believing one thing, and a few paragraphs in would realize I was only believing astory that I continued to tell myself. Once I actually had to put pen to paper, I realized deep down that I believed something different that actually served me better. Journaling helped me to be honest with myself. Putting it in writing made the facts shine through the stories I was telling. The journals also enriched my conversations with my coach, and made them more productive.

Would you recommend FOM Coaching to others?
Absolutely. If they’re ready. You need to put in the time and you need to be honest… with your coach, and definitely with yourself.

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