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Client Spotlight: Nancy Knauf

by Frame of Mind October 23, 2015

Nancy KnaufToday’s Client Spotlight: Nancy Knauf

Job: Director of Education and Outreach

Coaching: 10 weeks 1-on-1 Coaching, followed by Maintenance with Carla Reeves

Why did you decide to pursue Frame of Mind Coaching?

I felt stuck in my work and in my relationships. I was doing work that I wanted to do, but I was frustrated with my company’s lack of growth. I had left corporate America to start my own small business, but it didn’t take off like I had hoped. I was also taking care of my elderly mother, which demanded tons of my time and emotion. In addition to that, I was in a romantic relationship that wasn’t going anywhere. I didn’t see it having a future, but I liked how familiar it was. With so much going on, I didn’t know where to place my energy. Then a friend of mine referred me to FOM Coaching. I got in touch with Kim, and after speaking with her, I knew that it was a great fit.

How did coaching impact your relationships?

I was taking care of my mother, but I felt that I was suffering. Through coaching, I was able to work through my feelings about it, and to make some big requests from my family. It was a total game changer for me to be able to define and voice what help I needed from them. I was also able to see that my mother didn’t want me to suffer. It was huge for me to finally feel like I had a very powerful place to stand, to be able to take care of her, to take responsibility, and to make some requests so that I, as a caregiver, was also nurtured.

Has coaching affected how you show up at work?

Yes, and it allowed me to get really creative with my business. I always had a vision for it, but I let my other responsibilities take priority. I learned to be consistent, patient, and to follow that vision. Once I really believed that it was going to come to fruition, it did!

Carla and I talked about cleaning up my frustration, telling myself the truth about its causes, and not holding them inside. She told me that “you move mountains when you’re in alignment. If you’re focused on your frustration, you’re not focusing on your vision.”

What did you learn about yourself through coaching?

The whole process of really examining my beliefs and identifying my thought patterns that were limiting me from making powerful choices was incredibly useful. I used to feel like I needed to tackle everything I that was struggling with in my life all at once. Instead, we focused on my concerns and issues more systematically.

We discovered that I had a pattern of sitting on the fence. This was a huge eye-opener for me. I’ve always been one to collect information before making a decision. But I would get caught up in the fear of making the wrong decision, which kept me making no decisions at all. Carla helped me to finally take action.

I no longer fear the consequences of my choices. Instead, I tell myself “if this turns out poorly, I’ll just make another decision.” Sometimes I still take my time to make decisions, but the difference is that now, I don’t beat myself up over it.

What was the experience of journaling every day like for you?

I used journaling for years as a tool for generating ideas and organizing my thoughts. But I had never used it to identify my ways of thinking that were keeping me from moving forward. And I had never had somebody else read it, point out what I was really doing, and then to work with me to decide what to do about it. The daily feedback made great changes happen quickly.

Would you recommend Frame of Mind Coaching to others?

Yes! Frame of Mind Coaching will help you create clarity in your life. It taught me to constantly define my vision, and to refine it or make it bigger when needed. It’s been really energizing asking myself: what’s my vision, do I need to alter it, and is it big enough? It keeps me in the conversation about what I want for my future.

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