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Client Spotlight: JP

by Frame of Mind November 4, 2015

Frame of Mind CoachingToday’s Client Spotlight: J.P.
Job: Owner of a Plumbing & Contracting Company
Coaching: 10 weeks 1-on-1 Coaching with Carla Reeves

Why did you decide to pursue Frame of Mind Coaching?

I heard Kim Ades, President and founder of FOM Coaching, speak on a podcast, and she made so much sense to me that I looked into what she does. I had gone through some difficult times, and had done a lot of work to get through the situation, but I wasn’t where I wanted to be. It was as if I had hit a wall that I couldn’t get past. I had done everything else, but I still couldn’t get any further. I also had some experience with journaling when I was going through my divorce, and I was eager to journal again.

Did coaching help you break down that wall?

It did immensely. It gave me the opportunity to let the things that were rattling around in my head come out. It helped me open up. I could finally see where I was self-sabotaging. I had been tripping myself up, by I didn’t know why. Journaling my answers to Carla’s questions allowed me to answer my own questions. I put it all on the line. It allowed me to talk through my problems, and it shone a light on the underlying reasons for my struggles. It was incredibly helpful.

What was the experience of journaling every day like for you?

It was great. By putting my thoughts out there, it freed up so much mental space. All of a sudden, I could process other factors in my life. There was no longer a backlog of thoughts that I needed to process. I found that I could be more in the moment, more present to what was going on in front of me.

How would you describe your life before and after coaching?

Before coaching, my life was hectic and stressful. It felt as though I was constantly putting out a fire, and rushing to the next issue. Everything was collapsing around me, and my main focus was pushing it all back so that I had some space. Through coaching, once I was able to address the issues that were actually there, I stopped viewing them as issues, and rose above them.

How has coaching impacted your work?

I used to feel stuck. I was afraid, but couldn’t figure out how to identify the fear or get past it. Journaling helped me identify what was causing it, and in turn, took the fear away. After shinning a light on it, I could see that it wasn’t something to even worry about. Now I’m in a position where I feel comfortable going full-tilt toward the things that I want to. I live life more freely.

Would you recommend FOM to others?

Absolutely. FOM Coaching helped me identify my struggles, and gave me fantastic tools to deal with them now and in the future.

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