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Coach Spotlight: Chari Schwartz

by Frame of Mind April 19, 2018

FOM Coach Chari Schwartz shares her Frame of Mind Coaching™ experience and why she decided to become a coach!

Chari Schwartz
How did you hear about Frame of Mind Coaching™?
I had known Kim Ades, President and Founder of Frame of Mind Coaching™, for many years. Then in 2014, I was feeling frustrated with my corporate work. I saw a post from FOM Coaching™ on social media and met up with Kim for coffee. She made me realize that my struggles had very little to do with my work, but they had a lot to do with how I was thinking about it.

Kim introduced me to FOM Coach Dave Gorham. As a lifelong mentor, I didn’t understand how coaching could help me, but I agreed to meet with him anyway. After one conversation, I realized that he had something that I didn’t – peace of mind. Once I understood that was what I wanted, I was open to the idea of being coached.

How would you describe Dave as a coach?
He wasn’t afraid to ask tough questions and whether or not I truly believed certain things to be true. His feedback wasn’t just theoretical – it really applied to my life. He helped me realize that many of the stories I was telling myself were inventions. And he never made me feel accountable to him – he taught me how to examine my thinking for myself, which was pivotal for me.

What kind of impact did FOM Coaching™ have on you?
FOM Coaching™ made me take a good, hard look at my life and be honest about myself in a way I wasn’t willing to be before. I used to think everybody else had the problems, not me. I saw myself as the fixer of the world. As a divorcee, my job was to take care of my kids. As an employee, my job was to take care of a community of people, making sure they were financially solvent and had effective training programs. Coaching showed me that my job is actually to take care of myself, allowing the world around me to fall into place more readily.

Do you still apply what you learned in coaching to your life now?
Every minute of every day! What I learned in coaching has helped me more and more as time has gone on. I listen to my audio recordings of my coaching conversations with Dave often.

Why did you decide to become a coach for FOM Coaching™?
FOM Coaching™ opened my eyes to the things I really wanted to do with my life. I always wanted to be in service to others, and coaching became very attractive to me. I felt so strongly about the idea of self-management and understanding how I can better myself that I wanted to give that gift to others.

What type of people do you coach?
I coach people who really have a passion for their lives and may have a sense of direction of where they want to be, but something is getting in their way. As a coach, it’s really important for me to understand their stories about their obstacles, and to show them how it’s in their control to move their obstacles by using tools like journaling and deliberate thought.

You get rave reviews from your clients. What would you say is your impact on them?
They have a higher degree of satisfaction, and can work through new problems that arise easily and automatically. They report that they’re happier, well-adjusted, dealing better with their business problems and the people in their lives, making more money and looking at their employees as their partners, not their problems.

You’ve been to the past four FOM Coaching™ Methods programs. What keeps you coming back?
There are always new participants and the learning experience changes, so as a coach, it keeps me nimble and in the right frame of mind (excuse the pun). I will continue to go to Methods each time it’s offered because I think any kind of professional development is great, but one that is focused on how you want to operate your business is fundamental. This should be part of business training 101. The way that we coach is also an industry game-changer, so as we refine our technique we’re also reflecting, and we do so better in the collective than we do sitting in isolation.

You’ve also enrolled all three of your daughters in FOM Coaching™.
They witnessed positive changes in me as a result of coaching and wanted to know how I made those changes. They saw how much more at peace I was and said, “I want what you have.” We now have this collective knowledge and speak the same coaching language, so when see each other dipping, we help each other rise through it. Coaching has helped them all professionally and personally.

What do you get out of coaching others?
Coaching feeds me. Every time I coach someone, I learn more about myself. It helps me become a better person and it reminds me what I want to get out of life. We begin each coaching relationship with excitement and we end with “let’s have more.” When else in your life have you been able to say that?

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