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Coach Spotlight: Becca Buttermore

by Frame of Mind March 16, 2018

FOM Coach Becca Buttermore shares her Frame of Mind Coaching™ experience and why she decided to become a coach!

Becca ButtermoreName: Becca Buttermore

Job: Certified Frame of Mind Coach,
Co-Owner of Clear Vision Family Eyecare

Coaching: 1-on-1 Coaching with Kim Ades

How did you hear about Frame of Mind Coaching™?
Back in 2012, Kim Ades (President and Founder of Frame of Mind Coaching™) was listed on a coaching directory that matched you up with five different coaches and you could have an hour long conversation with each. Kim happened to be one of them, and I will never forget the first time we spoke.

I told her that I had a communication problem; that I had trouble communicating out what I wanted to my team at work and to the people in my life. She kindly replied, “I don’t think you have a communication problem. You have a thinking problem!”

How did Frame of Mind Coaching™ impact you?
The number one thing I came away with is that I’m 100% responsible for my own happiness. Before coaching, I put a lot of effort into trying to make everyone else in my world happy and thinking that this would create my happiness. Kim explained that I was thinking about it backwards. I know now that the greatest gift I can give others is my own happiness.

Why did you decide to become a Certified Frame of Mind Coach?
During one of our coaching calls, Kim and I were talking about my values and what I was looking for in life. She asked, “Have you ever thought about coaching?” Until then, I hadn’t. Looking back, I realize that I have always been interested in helping other people see and believe in the gifts that they have.

What type of people do you coach and what is your impact on them?
I work with the highly motivated population who tend to shrink when met with adversity.

I think that my biggest impact on them is helping them recognize that they always have a choice. It doesn’t matter what your situation is, you can still live a better and happier life.

One of my clients, for example, was bullied a lot and felt like she was a victim to her circumstances. If someone is picking on you, you might shrink. However, the more you shrink, the more power you give them. Her biggest shift was realizing that she herself had the ability to choose to not give up her power.

I teach my clients to bring their authentic selves to the table, because when you do, great things happen.

Why have you stuck with FOM Coaching™ for so long?
First and foremost: the people. This community of people and I are very like-minded. Then there’s the coaching itself. When I find myself feeling stuck, I journal, and when I journal, I think about the FOM Coaching™ Principles. It’s so ingrained in me at this point.

I’ve been able to rely on and lean on FOM Coaching™ to help me with any situation that comes up or any important decision I have to make. I use what I learned in coaching when I want to go from a bad or neutral place to a good place, or from a good place to an even better place!

You’ve also attended FOM Coaching™ Methods – our coaching and leadership skills program – every time we’ve hosted it. What keeps you coming back?
It’s the deepest, most concentrated time of the year that I do my own work, and I get to do it surrounded by people I love and who love me. I’m also a mom of five, so it gives me some time to myself.

Interested in FOM Coaching™ Methods? Check out our Certification page to learn more.

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