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Be More of Your WHOLE Self

by Kim Ades September 27, 2013

Imagine your whole self encapsulated in a big round ball. Imagine your soul, your spirit, your body, your energy, your essence, your personality, your brilliance, and your absolute greatness taking up the entire volume of this giant ball. And now imagine that you are only expressing a small micro-dot of all the awesomeness that you are.

Let me give you a visual:

Who you’re being is only a tiny component of all that you are and all that is possible for you. The yellow coloring represents the light that surrounds you and the black outline in the small circle represents your ability to let in your gloriousness versus resisting it and blocking it out. The thicker the black circle, the greater your resistance. The thinner and more porous the circle, the easier it is for you to allow the greater, awesome, and brilliant part of you to show up in your being.

So why am I telling you all this? Because in order to begin to wrap your head around lowering your resistance to allow your greatness to seep into your being, it is crucial to understand what prevents people from letting it in to begin with.

The way we think and the beliefs that we’ve adopted over the years have a profound impact on the resistance that we build over time.

The harder something is to achieve, the greater our resistance.

The worse we feel about any subject, the greater our resistance.

The more self-doubt, worry, and fear that we feel, the greater our resistance.

If our beliefs contradict our goals and desires, our goals and desires are near impossible to achieve. So… in order to turn this around, we need to first identify the beliefs that limit our success, and then work consciously to trade in those beliefs for ones that are more congruent with our goals and that help us achieve our greatest desires. It’s like opening a door that we are so used to keeping tightly locked. That basic premise is the foundation for Frame of Mind Coaching.

Here’s how it works…

10 weeks

10 calls

70 days of journaling

Journaling, by itself, can create change. Journaling, with a seasoned coach, will create transformation. The key is this: when you are asked the right questions, in the form of journaling prompts, your journal responses lead Frame of Mind Coaches to find the patterns in your thinking, behaviors, experiences, and perspectives that both help and hinder your ability to achieve your goals. Journaling allows us to collect enough data to find the beliefs that prevent your success. Journaling also enables us to guide you to convert those beliefs into ones that will lower your resistance and enable you to easily take the actions necessary to reach your goals. When you open the door to your greatness, incredible things happen. Your energy shifts, your mood lifts, your actions become deliberate, and the results you experience will blow your mind. It’s really quite magical.

I invite you to explore the Frame of Mind Coaching process by experiencing it first-hand for yourself. You can begin by taking an assessment which will match you up with one of our phenomenal coaches for 6 days of complimentary journaling and personal coaching. At the least you will learn something important about yourself. At the most, you will experience a significant shift in 6 days and will want to keep going. What do you say? Are you ready to open the door to your own magnificence?

Start now by taking this assessment.

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