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Where You Can Be Your Authentic Self

by Frame of Mind March 22, 2017

FOM Methods
We will be hosting another FOM Methods session in Toronto from May 10-13, 2017! FOM Methods is a powerfully transformational, highly interactive, in-person training retreat for people who are committed to learning how to coach in order to dramatically step up their impact as leaders. Frame of Mind Coaching clients and certified Frame of Mind coaches join President and Founder Kim Ades to take the next step towards becoming certified in the FOM Coaching™ methodology.

On the last day of our most recent FOM Methods session, participants journaled about their experience. Randy Barber has given us permission to share his journal entry with you below:

All good things must come to an end. Four terrific days in the books, now it’s time to head home and begin practicing what I’ve learned.

To all my friends, a sincere thank you. You have shared your most personal stories with a complete stranger, which I consider to be an incredible honor. We all will head out from here stronger than before.

My most memorable moments have been the journaling exercises. Putting pen to paper is different than typing, and sharing what is happening in my heart has been enriching.

Getting coached by amazingly insightful people has made me a better person. The gifts that I have received from you all will be treasured.

To Kim, Allan and Kate – saying thank you for putting this together doesn’t do it justice.

To Becca, Chari and Matt – thanks for being here and sharing your experiences as FOM coaches. Being along for the ride with the rest of us was a demonstration of your commitment to excellence.

To Jon and Jaqueline – what a display of strength and commitment.

To Jess – go be bold, girl!

To Jeanne – the inside & outside? They match.

To Dinis – I know the struggle you’re dealing with and am positive you’ll be a huge success wherever you decide to go.

To Kathryn – I think I’ve seen your deeper purpose on display here.

Saddened, but not sad; weary but not tired; energized, enthused and encouraged to begin a new journey. You all have touched my heart!

Thank you, Randy, for sharing this with us!

The connections made at FOM Methods are strong, powerful and transformative. If you are a past Frame of Mind Coaching™ client, we would love for you to join us in Toronto this May! Reach out to us to sign up or learn more.

If you are interested in learning more about our 1:1 Coaching program, check us out! The first step is taking our assessment and scheduling a complimentary call with a member of our Frame of Mind Coaching™ team.

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