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Anything Can Happen Next

by Kim Ades January 26, 2017

It happens to me often – one thing leads to the next thing, and then that thing leads to the next thing after that. When I look back at it, history shows perfect alignment. Looking forward, however, things don’t always seem that obvious and it’s easy to ask myself, “Why am I even here?”

I’ll give you an example. About 10 years ago, I was at a small business-networking meeting. I met a gentleman there and we struck up a conversation. The next thing I knew, he reached out to me by email and invited me to meet for lunch. I agreed to go, even though…

-I didn’t really have anything in common with him.

-He was easily 20 years my senior.

-He was about a head shorter than me.

-He was in a completely different professional industry.

-And he was married to a woman who he claimed was “out of town.”

I remember wondering what I was doing having lunch with this man. While he was both friendly and respectful, I felt strange being there and asked myself what his real intentions were.

I walked away somewhat bewildered. “Why did I have lunch with him?”

Time passed and we continued to stay in touch and meet periodically for lunch. His wife, meanwhile, was still “out of town.”

After each meeting, I kept wondering what it was that drew me to this friendship. I also wondered if his wife was even real or if he made her up so that I would feel comfortable meeting with him.

One day, he called me up and invited me to his home for dinner. He said that I would finally be able to meet his wife! I was single at the time, and when my kids were at their dad’s I was eager to accept dinner invitations so that I could spend some time with other adults. I agreed to go and finally got to meet his wife. She was indeed real!

She was also awesome! We hit it off right away and discovered how much we had in common. We had the same cultural background and upbringing. It was easy to talk to her and share what it was like to be single and out in the dating scene. She made me feel very much at home and I found myself speaking very openly with her. I told her about my dating trials and tribulations, and after a short time, she said, “I have someone for you. He works with me at the school and I think he would be a good match for you. His name is Allan.”

Kim Ades and Allan Friedman

Allan and I got married almost exactly a year after we met.

And now I know why I met the man at the business-networking event. I could never have predicted the outcome of that chance meeting 10 years ago. Looking back, it was lined up beautifully and all makes perfect sense. I met him so that he could introduce me to his wife, who could introduce me to my future husband.

So – why am I sharing this story with you? Because sometimes, you just have to go with the flow. Sometimes, you are in a place that doesn’t entirely make sense, but you just need to let it play out. Sometimes, being open, curious and allowing things to unfold in a natural way can yield some pretty magical gifts.

Sometimes, one thing leads to the next thing and then to the next thing after that.

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