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Client Spotlight: Adam J. Levinter

by Frame of Mind September 16, 2015

Adam LevinterName: Adam J. Levinter

Job: Entrepreneur

Coaching: 1-on-1 Coaching

Why did you decide to pursue Frame of Mind Coaching™?
I met Kim Ades, President and Founder of FOM Coaching™, at an Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO) event and was totally inspired by what she was doing with Frame of Mind Coaching™. At the time, I didn’t even know that coaching was a thing. We started chatting, and I wanted to learn more. So I looked into different coaching styles, and after investigating a series of different options, I felt that Kim’s coaching model would be substantially more effective for me than the typical accountability model.

The FOM Coaching™ model pairs daily journaling with weekly coaching calls. What was that like for you?
The calls were extremely valuable for me. I was of the mindset that I had absolutely nothing to hide, and my coach and I got very deep into my thinking from the very first call. The journaling is very helpful to create dialogue for those who have guarded inhibitions.

How would you describe your life before and after coaching?
There were four key areas of my life that weren’t how I wanted them to be. It was like having four balls bouncing out of sync and going in the wrong directions. Certain key areas had become sources of stress, and I needed to take the reins back. Coaching enabled me to do that. I have much more control over the way my day flows and it’s inspiring.

How has coaching affected your work?
It has affected the way that I approach my day, how I operate and how I show up. My stress level is a lot lower than it was before. I was a controlling micro-manager, whereas now, my hands aren’t so tightly gripped around the wheel so to speak. I feel more positive energy and flow and my business is better because of this new approach.

What did you learn from coaching?
Coaching was a very deep dive into self-awareness, which was exactly what I wanted to get out of it. I learned more about myself, my thinking patterns, my behavior and why I’ve operated a certain way in the past. It has cast a very large spotlight on my personal behavior and approach to things. That’s such an incredibly valuable thing to take away. I’ve also been equipped with a number of tools to put into practice going forward.

Would you recommend FOM Coaching™ to others?
I definitely would. It isn’t like traditional business coaching. It’s not something that you rely on in terms of achieving revenue goals, for example, but achieving goals is by extension a natural by-product of the whole coaching process. The model is focused on the actual leader, and their overall approach to life and business.

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